Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Never Work

Gotta love the grammar of that title, don't you? Just try to wrap your head around it
and then try to understand that saying...
and then try to understand the strange premise of this little double-drabble I wrote for Grace Pennington's contest on Holy Worlds:

The princess stared at the falling sunset. She had watched it, enamored, a thousand times before, but she didn't know that. Every time the sun rose or set it was a new thing to her. She had lost her memory, and forgotten where she left him.
All that she knew was that she’d lost someone, and that she wanted to have him. This was, of course, a perpetually new discovery. She looked under her pillow. He wasn’t there. She looked out on her balcony railing; he wasn’t there. Never perplexed (she had only looked in one place, after all) she went to her bedroom for the first time, and looked under her pillow. He wasn’t there.  Her cuckoo clock jumped out at her and screamed, “Cuckoo, Coo-Koo!” catching the princess most off guard.
All through the night, by the wonderful invention of candlelight, she sought for him. Then suddenly a bird jumped out her clock, and looking inside, there he was! The blood seemed to have entirely drained from his head, making him feel as though he were floating, which was strange. They shook hands. Then she walked to the balcony as the sun rose. But that was old news.

Just something to tickle your fancy and let you know that I am not dead. I am just in my writer/school cave... only peeking out rarely... but maybe something more will come some time soon... maybe... though I only have foggy ideas what it could be. But foggy ideas are often my best ones! at least once I get out the hot air vent/fan to get rid of that fog and see what it is that is left.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Break from Silence for "Never"

J. Grace Pennington did it again. And by it I mean that she wrote a book. And like all book writers, she wants everybody to read it. So she wisely came to all her little blogging friends (including those like me that don't have books) and invited us to join in a game. It's the great
Blog Scavenger Hunt
and is a fair bit easier and cooler than my non-descript title makes it sound!
Grace has written a western mystery novel (in case you thought those three couldn't all get slammed together). And you can understand just how those seemingly contradictory and rarely merged genres work together at no cost to you! If you play the game, that is!
(pause for effect).
Grace is a cohort of mine who makes me look lazy by her constant stream of productivity. You may know her as the narrator of the Red Rain audiobook (written by the fabulous Aubrey Hansen) or as the author of Firmament: Radialloy. (Which I just spelled from memory, so be kind if I got it wrong).  And now she is releasing Never, her western mystery novel, on November the 23rd.
And you can win her book absolutely free by hunting across the webscape through all her participating blogs in the great
Blog Scavenger Hunt
Now don't think we are going to send you running around the netscape trying to find isolated blogs that are only posted on every three months that have two followers consisting mostly of the author's alter ego and his/her pet dog (though if you find one of those, do tell us!). Instead, you will be linked directly from blog to blog!
But what do you have to find in this great
Blog Scavenger Hunt
? Well, you have to find little codes. Little words and phrases (very clearly marked) in the requisite threads on all these blogs. And if you report them all back to Grace ( theauthor [AT] jgracepennington [DOT] com ) you will be entered to win the coolest western mystery novel I have ever heard of! And you know how that is? No, it's not because it's the only one (though that might be true) that I have heard of, but because Grace wrote it (silly). Plus, I saw this plot synopsis thing out in the inboxes of authors and it told me that this story has something very neat to it... something rather rare: a good plot!
So for those of you who read this far (and those geniuses who just skipped down here) the code is...
oh but that would be so simple. Too simple for such a great
Blog Scavenger Hunt
Anyhow, the code from my blog here is: Caesar.
See what I did there? I made you all read an extra few lines! Muahahahaha. *cue evil drums*
And just to show that I want to make it easy, the next blog is
And while you are blog hunting, you may as well get the real scoop on Never and Grace's other projects on her real blog:
Concerned about your odds of winning? (So you have caught on that only one person ever wins these things and it never seems to be you?) Well, never fear! Grace is giving away desktop wall-papers to everyone who sends her all the codes. So you get to be cool and on the inside like all us little collaborating authorish types. Come to think of it... I could kinda use a new one myself...
And for the truly devoted, we bet you never knew that the first 50,000 words of Never were written in November of 2010, with the last 10,000 of that being written on November 30th.  The rest of the book was written in January 2011.