Sunday, April 7, 2013

Screwtape on Video Games Text

My dear Wormwood,

Your last letter was pitifully disdainful of my suggestion that you use video games to manage your patient. Your remarks were, appropriately, couched in niceties, but your rejection of my advice clearly demonstrates your ignorance of the power this recent development holds.

I was disdainful once, too, when I saw the initial results of manipulating video games, back when that was an innovative idea tried only by experimental tempters. The results were only a small smattering of pale, frail creatures that wasted away their health and complexion bouncing a digital ball back and forth, hardly the great sinners we had hoped for. But that is, as I mentioned in my speech at the Tempter’s Training College, the current tactic; we do not seek a few great sinners utterly bucking the influence of the Enemy, but instead gorge ourselves on the myriads of souls that pass quietly into our Father’s house without ever realizing they were coming here. Video games have become one of our favorite ways of numbing minds as they pass into our Father’s house, and are increasingly effective in crippling the blasted Church.

Friday, April 5, 2013

An Imitation Screwtape Letter on Video Games

An Imitation Screwtape Letter on Video Games
But not in textual format, at least not now. For now, enjoy
Yes, the David J Hartung has obtained himself a YouTube channel. There may me be much more fun to come.