Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Song of the Troll Indexing Post

The Song of the Troll ended a long time ago. This post links to each and every one of the various pieces of The Song of the Troll in the order that they were released. Please bear in mind that this is one of my precious stories, so don't make copies of the whole story for anyone other than your self. There will be a published The Song of the Troll some day, I hope, and then you can have one. Otherwise, if you want to refer friends, please either send them here to this index post (which is linked to in my block thingy over there), or limit yourself to providing them with a few posts, none of which should be parts after Part 13, which is the most I generally share in public at speaking or sharing venues.

And a Caesar the Troll Christmas special, to enjoy after you have read the real story, but taking place as sort of a prequel:
Caesar's Christmas

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