Thursday, June 7, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 8

And now, a return to Caesar the Troll, the lovable yet ugly menace to all things that hate nasty singing.

Then she saw the walls of the chamber, and grew very excited.
They were covered from floor to ceiling with writing, something she was just learning to decipher. She let go of Caesar's hand and ran to and fro throughout the chamber, jumping up and down trying to see more of the writing. Caesar stood by smiling inside, glad to see his youngest citizen enjoying herself at something so mundane.
The girl ran over and began tugging at Caesar's thigh, a demand Caesar did not understand. Finally he bent down to see her face more closely, trying to guess her intention, and instantly she climbed up lumpy back and onto his shoulders. She wanted to read what was written at the top.
Caesar was glad to please her so easily, and began immediately scaling the walls by pressing his arms and legs against each side. She giggled incessantly as the stone floor receded beneath them. As they approached the ancient wiring and hot metal near the ceiling, the girl's hair began to stand on end, drifting upwards, to her increasing delight. Seeing that Caesar crawled down the wall somewhat. He remembered what happened any time he touched those while the fruits were glowing.
She read voraciously, pointing her hands out in front of Caesar's face when she wanted to move onward. For ten minutes they crawled that wall, as she read every word that was small enough for her understanding, saying each such word out loud as was her habit from learning to read. Near the top of the first walls she said a word that Caesar understood, "Rome."
Caesar began nodding vehemently, nearly shaking her off, to her fear and giggling delight. He began pointing all around, as well as upwards, repeating again and again, "-ome," saying with difficulty this one word.
She directed him to the floor, reading each word she could, and every time the name of the city of Caesar was given the king would begin to nod and say his word over and over, which made the girl glad.
Together they passed to the next room, and spent the same time there, repeating the same ritual of word-saying. They passed at last to the final hall, in which was carved in a very rough hand the story of Caesar's life since coming to "ome," to his city.
These words were all very simple, and spelled about as well as the girl could read, and she read the story out loud. "Caesar came back to his city, but he had no people. He had no frends. Since he couldnt repare the hole plase, he saved only part. He saved the theater, and there he sang the old song. Today he sang again, three times. And again he sang, twice. Today they came and shot at Caesar, and Caesar was burned. Caesar sang once. Caesar built a house today. Today Caesar sang, and Marcus gave him a standing ovashin. Today they tore down my house. Today Caesar sang once and built a bridge. They blew up the bridge, and Caesar sang four times today. Today Caesar did not go out. Today Caesar wired his catacombs, and was burned. Today Caesar found bright fruits while out in the woods. Today Caesar sang only once, then he found glowing glass. Today Caesar chased them back to their rock ring, their burns were not on. Now they no come without burn on. Caesar sang three times today. Caesar dug new tunnel today. Caesar sang agen and agen."
Once the girl had read all this, Caesar picked up his old metal chisel, rounded on the end and nearly flat, but still powerful in his grip, and carved "Caesar met new frend. Now he is king again."


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    1. Wow... I am glad this style of writing is working so well on my initial viewers. I haven't written anything like this before, so I am very surprised at my success. I hope you had something to catch that heart of yours =]

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    1. This will probably be the climax of the heart-melting part... at least for now. I might bring out more yet today... otherwise I hope for tomorrow!