Friday, June 29, 2012

A Quick (or not so quick) Notice

As you may have noticed, I did not bring out more Philli tonight. I guess she will just fall behind a post. Tomorrow is Saturday, and normally I would post my usual three installments. However, I have a golf game starting at 6:45 in the morning, so my usual morning hours are gone. I will make some effort to make one or two or three posts during the day sometime, but there is no guarantee, especially since I have a friend's graduation party that day. The next day is Sunday, and that day is always chancy, especially because my church is hosting their Church Picnic that day.
Also of note is that the Marathon Week poll has tied! With more votes than any poll has garnered before, Red Rain Fanfiction and Caesar the Troll are tied at 11 votes a piece (making my day, by the way). In the event of a tie, I will probably come up with something devious to do, but I would encourage both sides to go and try to get more readers to vote for their side.
A word of caution, though. Caesar the Troll is approaching its end. A Marathon Week would probably see the end of it in only part of the week. If that happens, I will post some commentary and such on some of the themes that I wrote for it, as well as answer any questions and take suggestions from all of my favorite readers (that is, all of them).
A Red Rain Marathon will consist mostly of alternating Nic and Philli posts, since they are on roughly the same timeline.
Note also that on July 15th I will be gone for a week on a missions trip to Chicago. No posts during that time, which should be right after Marathon Week 1. I have to write a few children's skits for the Bible program each morning... who would like to see some of those?
(And there are whispers of starting filming of The Great EGO soon... though complications still stand in our path).


  1. I would greatly desire to see the skits you write!

    *glares at poll* Challenge accepted. *goes to bug her followers again*

    1. Well you got one of them to help you out...

      Hmm... these skits are about 3-4 pages long each. How would you recommend sharing that?

    2. Sorry I didn't reply to this! I don't usually subscribe to comments unless I asked a question. And then sometimes I intend to subscribe and forget... But you can always get me via email or FB. (I keep meaning to add you and shall fix that momentarily...)

      Anyway, I think doing them in parts, like you did, was good. However I personally am not against long posts. I've blogged very long excerpts and complete short scripts before. My followers don't seem to mind... I think it depends on your demographic and the nature of your readership. I tend to be unapologetically long and just run with it, so it's kind of my marketing stick. My blog readers are mostly fans of my writing, and they like long rambles and long excerpts, so it works.

    3. Okay, I lied... it won't let me add you on FB. But you can add me if you want. (I'll send you a URL to my profile if you can't find it.)