Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 9

Well, folks, I am back from my  crazy adventures in the wilderness, and glad to get back to my writing. It's been a very interesting last few weeks, but with this event gone-by, mayhaps now my worry nerves will stop firing so hard. Glad to get back to the story of Caesar the Troll... though I am having a bit of trouble starting this section. The trouble with serial fiction is that every other day you have to come up with a great opening line again...

Caesar . . . carved "Caesar met new frend. Now he is king again."
The girl tried this words on her lips, and when she got through them, hugged the hulking monarch tightly. She looked up at his lumpy head, but though she tried to smile, she instead opened her mouth in a massive yawn. Caesar smiled; she was tired. The king took his most loyal subject by the hand and led her to the last chamber of all, a cave carved by the king's own arms, and lit with a single bulb dangling from the ceiling.
In typical child fashion, the girl let go of his hand and rocketed into the room when she saw more writing on the wall. She began to read the first few words, but then stopped, stumbling over a rather longish word. She read:
He was refused and hated by men, a man of sorrows, and knew bad times.
I was brutish and ignorant, I was like a beast toward you.
Be to me a rock of safety, to which I can always come
They are not in trouble as all are, they are not hurt like the rest of people.  
They mock and speak with hate, highly they threaten chains.
They are like men who swing axes in the woods full of trees
They burned all the meeting places
Defend your cause, remember how they mock, their clamor, and always calling out with ugly glee.
He answered, “I tell you, if they ware silent, the very stones would cry out."

The girl didn't understand the thoughts written there and looked at Caesar with confusion. He just smiled and turned her away. He took an old piece of cloth that usually was his blanket and spread it on the ground, folding one end together for her pillow. She lay down on it, he hair falling all over her face. Caesar rumbled back up the catacombs a ways, from whence came a crackling sound a few moments later, and all the lights died out. Then Caesar came along and folded the excess of the blanket over the girl, who watched him with her eyes wide open, catching no light. Then Caesar lay upon his mattress, a relatively flat spot in the stone floor, and to the beat of the snoring they fell asleep.


  1. Wow! The gospel is on the walls! Very nice! I can't wait to see more.

    1. How did you feel about my own translation efforts? I basically took ESV and swapped out some words for simpler ones to match Caesar's mind.

    2. I liked it! It was very creative.

  2. Replies
    1. One of the few times I am plotting something big way ahead of time...