Friday, June 15, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 13

They left the smoking body of the king to whimper on the stone floor, five rows down from Marcus' seat, with the rubble of his parents' seat all around him.
Caesar heaved heavy breaths lying and crying on the overgrown stone floor of his throne room. He looked up into the stage where Marcus sat, a grim expression on his face. Marcus sat there, his head in his hands, until he made eye contact with the king, whose burns had made his skin so soft that pebbles were becoming ingrained.
The king stood on his feet, smoke still rising from his back and the nape of his neck and his chest. He turned and ran out the back of the theater, landing on all fours by jumping over the back. He bounded over rocks and rubbish all the way back to his tunnels. He jumped in headfirst, landing on his hands and rolling into his catacombs and plunging through the darkness to the lights. He pressed the two bars together so that he could see his way further, and ran back up to the first of his halls
There the king took down his tapestries, the colored fruits that tasted sour when they were lit. He pulled down the whole chain of them, leaving that room dim. He ran to the next hall and pulled down the purplish bars of light that had some of the poisonous gas inside, and carried them under his arm down to his final room.
He came to his last room, and took up his chisel, slamming these words into the rock:
They took her.
He cast down his chisel and reached deep into the nook where he kept his two most precious possessions. With one he brushed his hair, and the other he put under his right arm.
The king charged back up his catacombs, and parted the bars again. He ascended his shaft, and then stood atop his pile of rubble that covered his home. He ripped out of it a short I-beam, which he tucked with the poisonous glowing bars under his arm. Caesar then ran back to his theater, into his castle. He climbed immediately to the center seats, the fourth row from the bottom, and ripped Marcus's granite chair out of the ground. Then he sneaked backstage and assembled his costume.
He strapped most everything on his back with the strings of glowing fruits. In his left hand he put the remains of Marcus's chair, and in his right he clasped the thin I-beam, rusted all over.
He leaped out from behind the curtain that only he could have seen and came to center stage. He looked to Marcus and his parents, who were both standing and clapping already. And Caesar sang the song one more time. The whole crowd cheered wildly and gave him a standing ovation.
Then Caesar turned to stage left, and charged off-stage, leaving his crowd of fans still cheering.
The trail was almost twenty minutes old, and every moment counted.


  1. *really, really loves this story*

    If I were one of those people, I would give a standing ovation, cheer at the top of my lungs, and then yell Caesar on telling him to go find his subject.

    *is thankful he's not one of those people*

  2. I'm really curious what Caesar is up to now! (Thankfully I'm behind, so I have more posts to read!) Great thrilling emotion in this one.

  3. Does he have the bomb ? What is he going to do with fluorescent tubes ?

    1. The answer to all your questions is coming along, just keep reading, Dad! :)