Monday, June 25, 2012

Crook Q Part 11

Just realized that I had forgotten to make a Red Rain post today... so we will see how I do at 11:12 PM writing. I just did 2300 odd words or so in my novel, so I was starting to retire my writing mind but you know, I will just bring it back long enough for Red Rain. We'll also see how I do with the Sherlock Holmes credit song going through my awesome headphones. My apologies about the rather short length here, but since more will be out tomorrow anyway I figured you would survive.

Problem: Two sides wanted him and his Red Rain. Both sides reside within the government of the United.
Solution: Sign with both

 Nick approached Tower again, but Tower seemed to ignore his presence. Nic barked up, "Tower! We need to talk out some details."
Tower didn't seem to move, but a little piece of paper dropped from his viewpoint somehow. Nic opened it and read, "They watch. Talk to John and Dowe."
The last thing Nic wanted was to talk to those two  again, but apparently if his deal was to happen he would have to. He wanted the deal done and out of the way so that he could stop feeling apprehensive at the awkward simplicity of his duplicitous success.
He found the two, as usual, sitting in the sun in the yard. They waved and greeted him openly. For fear that they would say something to loud, Nic approached rapidly. He opened the proceedings, "Look, gentleman, I have decided to throw in my lot with you. If you will get me out of the prison then I will get you whatever weapon you want that I can make."
Dowe asked, "Can you make one that turns things into rubber?"
Nic closed his eyes, refusing to acknowledge the question. John answered more reasonably, though still below Nic's standards, "Great. We will sneak you out somehow and then get you someplace where you can concoct that ultra-weapon for us sometime. How's that sound?"
Nic squinted in disgust, "A little to vague. Aside from that, there is one other catch..."


  1. Ooh, novel work AND another installment in one day! I am liking this "David writing full time" stuff. :D

    1. I am liking it a lot, too! Best part is when I write like I mean it I still have plenty of time for other stuff. You can thank summer camp for this change in my personality =]

  2. I wish I could write that much. Good job! It's taking quite the turn here ;).

    1. I have to put quite a few hours each day into writing to get that much done, usually one or two in the morning for the blog posts, then a few later for trying to get at least 2000 a day on my novel. At that rate I'll have 100k by the end of summer hopefully... which might mean a completed manuscript.
      I am considering posting less here and writing more on my novel.

  3. So far so good on these posts.
    How is your novel coming along ?