Saturday, June 23, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 15

You have no idea how many times I sang the trolling song while I was gone. I also may have a few new readers who read and enjoyed an excerpt that I brought along and shared with a few buddies. Hopefully you will soon begin to see some of them around here.

Caesar climbed the ruins of the shell of a tower, up until he reached the bar. It was only a foot wide, about as wide as Caesar's foot. At first he the bar cautiously, but balance was difficult. The king lurched back to the one vertical bar to which he could cling.
Then Caesar charged out on the bar, feeling it wobble under him with every step. He reached the end and leapt off, snapping off the ridiculous banner of the renegades as he did so.

Caesar flew through the air, maintaining complete silence as he watched the banner flap back up above his head as he outpaced its descent. Caesar watched as his shadow appeared on the ground, at first a tiny speck, then a lengthening and deepening blackness of horrific shape, the sun, beginning to set, extending the length of his sword and shield.
By time he struck the ground he was noticed, and the guns were being disconnected from their charging stations. Then he began to sing. And as his notes rang out and echoed off the stone walls of the arena he charged for the nearest shiny rack of guns. They were plugged in with thick black chords which revitalized the hot light they stored inside.
Six of the unfortunate renegades had quickly managed to untangle their guns. They stood, still by their station, spraying the king with the intense beams of light and ions that had previously rendered the monarch innocuous in battle.
Caesar caught a few of the beams on his granite shield, and before they could see their doom the singing emperor was upon them, and had smashed them each with a steal I-beam either collapsing their rib cages or crushing their heads.
Caesar charged for the next station, where ten of them had drawn their guns. They spread their fire this time, but with Caesar's leaping and bounding they could not long train their beams on the king. Before they knew it was over it was, and this time, for maximum damage, Caesar crushed the rack that powered their guns. His song was only half gone.
A quarter of the way around the circumference of the arena a few more genius renegades had set up with longer-range guns. While Caesar was still dispatching the charging rack they lit up his back with beams of a different hue, meant for longer distance. Caesar turned and send fright into their veins by tearing out a few seats of the arena and launching them the whole distance and height. He followed closely after, protecting himself with Marcus's seat.
The I-beam was beginning to bend with its work, and Caesar was still encumbered by the glowing rods. Once he reached the foot of the seating, already enduring shots from around him in other parts of the arena, the snipers were already fleeing. He took one of the lights out from under his arm and launched it after the farthest sniper. It rocketed through the air and broke on his head, sending him to a rough landing on poisonous glass. Caesar quickly launched the others, all with equally lethal results.
A lull in the song.


  1. Wow. This is so different than anything that's happened before.

  2. Dramatic writing . I like how you end this post