Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crook Q Part 10

This one isn't quite as long as some others, but it does relay another important aspect of the plot. For those of you who are starving for some character-development, have no fear. This work is going to be a longish one, so once the early exposition is out and the main body of the plot begins rolling, I will do my best to begin developing these characters' minds a little more, though it will be interesting trying to imitate the characterization style of The Great Hansen to End All Hansens.

Tower paused, looking sideways at Nic's expression, "freedom."
Nic was tired of the whole business.
The former scientist, ever true to his career, knew that it took two substances for a reaction. "In return for what?"
Tower leaned put his binoculars back on and began surveying the far wall. He muttered, nearly only mouthing the word to his captive, "Weapons, Nic. Like Red Rain, for starts." 

Nic nearly went manic. He turned and walked away, not knowing where he was going, since apparently he couldn't even find peace in his cell. Tower called after him, "Think about it, Q. Ask yourself what vision of the future you would prefer, and follow that dream."
Nic sat still in his cell. No one had bothered him for three days, and he hadn't seen the sun either. His dream of a free colony on Mars was ruined because the United had found out about Red Rain, and now it had turned back on him again. Even life in prison was dangerous. He knew that if he didn't court favor with one of the factions he'd be doomed. Either side would kill him before they would let the other faction get him.
Then at last Nic realized the knowledge that gave him the edge. Ambrose's fascists did not know that he was being courted by anarchists. They figured they had all the pieces neatly aligned. At least, hopefully they were that stupid. A young Christian girl had forced Nic to realize that the pieces were never quite as ordered as he hoped.
Q returned to the surface, paler skin than ever before and a thickening mustache. Now he just wanted to find that stuck-up ex-captain and strike a deal. Anything that would get him away from Rott. But Tower was easier to find.
He would make that deal first, then.

Problem: Two sides wanted him and his Red Rain. Both sides reside within the government of the United.
Solution: Sign with both.


  1. Nooooo! Nic, don't do it! Signing with both could be disastrous!

    1. oh yes... it could... the author must have overlooked that... or maybe he didn't... muahahahah!

  2. Love. The end.

    (I also like the promise that this will be a "long" work...)

    I don't know that there are that many Hansens in the arts to make an end of... But I am most honored by this comment of yours nonetheless.

    1. My plans for this work are growing as I write... I can't wait for you to see some of the plans I have now.

  3. Oh, wow, oh wow, oh wow, wow, wow!! O.O