Friday, June 15, 2012

Crook Q Part 5

Ahh, and now the great unraveling. When you see the great tricks I have had up my sleeve so long...

Those two shuffled over as quickly as they could without attracting attention, very deliberately looking at the guard in the tower. A little piece of paper fluttered down from Tower, which John and Dowe read together. "He's the one. And they want him, too."
On the surface it was around noon. Q sat in his cell, staring at the desk. They hadn't given him paper privileges yet, so the desk was effectively useless. But it was useful for staring at. It reminded Q of his old job.
Q sat with his back to the barred doors, from back when the prison doors were made in the classic style that allowed one to see out. The lights were off in the shaft, and all the other prisoners were in the yard. They had planned some big rebellious demonstration, apparently. Q would have none of that. He had had enough trouble with rebellion.
Hard leather boots tapped their way down the concrete corridor, the only sound in the whole floor of the prison. Roughly every second a foot fall. They stopped just outside Q's cell, with one more foot plant and the rubbing sound of the guard turning on his heel with both feet planted toward the cell.
Q did not move.
"Who would have thought it could take so long to find you in a prison?" The guard drew his gun.
"Evidently not you. You've never worked with a prison this size, Ambrose."
"No, I haven't. Really makes you realize how much bigger the United is than either of our plans, doesn't it 0074B?"
"You and your precious United have dreams far too small, Ambrose. Keep your narrow-minded dreams of concrete and steel and chrome to yourself. I have no use for them."
"Ahh, but they have a use for you, and they could make themselves useful to you."
Q made no response.
Ambrose continued, "You despise concrete halls and steel reinforcers? I like them, but that's an opinion game. All I know is that right now, you are trapped inside them. You kicked too hard against them, 0074B. But you got their attention."
Q set his jaw.
"You did it before. We want you to do it again. If you will give us the power to protect our walls of concrete and steel we will let you escape them."
Q answered, "Tell me, Ambrose. What do you think I can do?"
Ambrose had crept right to the bars, and he whispered through the door, "You can give us Red Rain, Doctor Nic."


  1. You're killing me. In a very good way, mind, but just so you are aware...

  2. Aaaaaagh! *breathes* Aaaaaaagh! Seriously? Seriously?! *grins hugely* *runs to read the other parts*

  3. * shrieks * Say WHAT???? * dies * O.O