Monday, June 18, 2012

Crook Q Part 8

Alright folks, I will be gone for the rest of the work-week after this morning, but I felt it important to give you at least this one more update. I doubt I will push out another section of Caesar, because to do so would force me to stop at a rather awkward point to leave hanging for a week, and this will give my fanfic a chance to catch up to Caesar in part numbers. Hopefully I will come back from this week of summer camp deeply changed... though there are certain aspects of my crazy personality that you will probably be stuck with for as long as you are fans of my work.

John took over while his buddy breathed, "They are, obviously, the face of the United that everyone sees. But for decades the United military, the government, the civil service, the censors themselves, they have all been infiltrated by persons of more reasonable minds. Now Ambrose's commanders want a weapon to silence them all. They would not fear to annihilate life on earth if they figured they could not hold onto their power over all mankind."
Dowe prattled on, "Problem: They want to kill us all using your weapon, or at least threaten to do so. Solution: You don't give it to them."
Nic listened to the whole speech with curiosity. These two bumbling old men officially qualified as the strangest people he had ever met, beating even the last two Christians he had worked with. Now finding out that they were acting as agents in some masterful plot to save the world from a cruel purge of the United government, he figured there was nothing about them left to come as a surprise.
Nic felt that it would be unwise to make any decision to quickly and reveal his hand to soon, so he answered, "Yes, an interesting problem for you. But it is not such a problem to me. As to your solution, that I will have to consider on my own time frame. Now, if a man cannot get privacy in his own prison cell, I will have to bid your leave and find some place on the surface to hide away and think, or else you can leave me here to do my contemplation."
John replied quickly, "Oh yes, take your time. Very wise, good idea. We wouldn't want to rush you, but you must understand our own investment into the problem and solution, as you seem to think in such terms. For us it's not a question of the scientific method. It's survival."
The two elders went away quickly, down into their own cells. Nic figured sunlight might aid in clearing his mind, and so zipped his jumpsuit, that he somehow managed to wear like a lab coat, and proceeded to the tiny elevator for prisoners.
After a quick zip to the surface Nic meandered about. He was not longer so fearful of Ambrose seeing him, since he had caught up with him already. Perhaps a conversation with Tower, the strangely named guard, would help ease his troubled mind.
He approached the guard tower and called up, "Are you up there again, Tower?"
The tower responded, "Yep, sure am, Q."
Nic found himself at a loss for what one could talk about with a binoculars-wearing guard, "So how far can you see with those? They don't look so impressive."
Tower answered, "They're digitally powered. I could read Ambrose's nameplate pretty clearly from up here, and this is one of the far towers."
Nic, hoping no questions would be asked of him that he did not want to answer, tried to keep up the questioning, "Why are you always stationed in that spot?"

Tower's voice took on a new tone, and he looked down at Nic with his bear eyes for the first time, "Because I have to be here to watch the right people, Doctor Nic."


  1. I can totally see Dr. Nic fabricating a lab coat effect out of whatever he's wearing... :)

    I actually think Tower's an epic name... I'm tempted to use it on another character. :P Very curious as to where you're taking him.

    Have a wonderful week at camp! I hope you learn bunches, but I am content to have the bulk of your personality remain the same. ;)

    1. I thought of that one line about the lab coat/jumpsuit early on in the dreaming process and figured it would work pretty well here.
      I loved that name as soon as I chose to have it... and I am very curious to see where I take him as well!