Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 10

And to the beat of the snoring they fell asleep...

The next morning Caesar awoke first. He crawled to the main power switch, and pressed the two thick bars together, shaking a little with the prickly feeling touching those bars gave him. She would want the lights on whenever she awoke.
Caesar crawled and bounded to the surface, where he sniffed the air. Smoke, but a clear sky. Dew was still on the ground, but he could see that many of his familiar rocks had been over turned. Someone had been there, and there had been battle. Renegades fighting over some treasure, no doubt.
When Caesar returned to the bottom of his deep catacombs, he found the girl delightedly running about reading all the records she could, apparently unable to be any happier. Then she saw Caesar, and proved that she could.
He took up her hand and began to lead her to the shaft that ran up to the surface of the city. She climbed onto his shoulders and asked the king to take her home.
Caesar was confused. Was not this home? She kept babbling, something about not knowing where home was, but wanting the king to take her there. Caesar held her in front of him to show her his confused face, and seeing his confusion she pointed up, saying her home was that way
Up to the surface the two went, and when they reached the top the girl ruffled her nose at the smell of smoke still rising around them. She patted Caesar's head saying something he couldn't quite get. Then she began singing that song, and he understood, running and bounding to his theater. The whole way smoke rose around them, choking the girl in the midst of her long notes, and even some trouble for Caesar.
They arrived at the grey stone semi-circle, an island in the midst of the sea of smoke. There they sang once more, and Caesar was ready to begin again, but the girl just tugged at his leg, pointing to stage right. She said home was that way.
Caesar could not understand, but followed her nonetheless. She led the way between rocks that to her were mountains that to Caesar were half-height walls. Then he saw what she meant.
A small camp, trucks, machines. The king helped her over one of the towers so that she could see her way home with ease.
The girl ran all the way to the survival camp, recently arrived out of the North. Caesar followed two of his steps behind her, ten of hers. When she ran through the circle of trucks there came from within the ring a cry of surprise and joy, followed a moment later by questions that were one word long. Caesar?
The girl led her daddy and mommy out to the outside of the ring to introduce them to her king. But all that greeted them were rocks.


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    1. I never knew I could make people cry with my writing... this is almost sadistically fun! Just imagine Reiyen sitting back plotting how he will make his readers cry... muahahaha!

    2. Aww.... now you're gonna make me feel guilty for real... can't a guy be sadistic without getting in trouble these days? Just kidding with you all... but I am afraid the sad posts will go on for a little while yet.