Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sneak Peek 7

Come on folks, you gotta find the typo in that last one. It is not that hard. Reeeaallly.
Anyhow, this is your next Sneak Peek into one of our great jokes. Hold on to your sides in advance lest you fall over laughing...

[From inside second room] Jack: Come on; let’s go down this hallway, checking each room for the Sparky Outfit
Camera has their backs, looking from doors all the way down (Guards get ready to attack, walking in slow mo, with knives in their hands)
[Side view, from classroom]
Jack: So it has come to this…
(Phil and Jack look at eachother, draw bananas out of their pockets)
Guards stalking closer
Jack and Phil begin firing
Enemy guards dodging, one gets hit
Jack: I can’t seem to hit any of them!
Phil: Try closing one eye
[close up with Jack’s face as he closes his left eye.... eye patch on his right eye]


  1. :rofl: Oh my... this is going to be awesome.

  2. That's a "facepalm" moment. In a good way, mind.