Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sneek Peak 6

Whoever catches the spelling error in this post should win something... How about this? If you find the spelling error first, then you can pick a topic, and I will do a bonus post on that topic, whether it be Caesar, Sneak Peeks, My life, my boardgames, my high school graduation (which was yesterday), or something about something else.
In this preview, Jack and Phil are in the process of escaping the fortress of EGO, when they are discovered...

Camera from above as they charge onto landing
[cut to Walter EGO (arch-villain) looking at security screens, Presses key on nearby computer]
View of Phil’s semi-truck horn, going off
Phil and Jack on landing, from above on landing
{voice override: "Prisoners escaping, prisoners escaping"}
Jack: Other prisoners must be escaping!
{Prisoners fleeing in stairwell, Prisoners in Stairwell}
Phil: In another stairwell
Jack: Another guild!
Phil: I think it’s us…
Jack: Blast! They’ve caught on!

I often wonder who the brains of the guild belong to after scenes like this...


  1. This is going to be brilliant. :D

    *is too tired to typo-hunt, although the offer is tempting*

  2. I'm looking forward to this. :cool:

    *looked around a little, but doesn't have enough time to be extremely thorough*

  3. well, unfortunately for all of us, filming has been pushed back a week again due to other circumstances... welcome to the life of the hapless director/writer/producer/star, hahahaha.