Monday, June 25, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 16

For you Caesar fans, this is your warning that you are already a vote behind Red Rain. I know from my blog stats that Red Rain is more popular by pageviews, so it will take some doing to get a week of straight Caesar. I'll admit that Caesar is my more precious work to my mind, because of some its autobiographical elements, but I may yet learn to work that into the new tale of Criminal Q.
Caution: Do not read this post unless you are fully caught up through Part 15. 

Caesar quickly launched the others, all with equally lethal results.
A lull in the song.
Renegade gunmen began streaming out of the tunnels and hidden rooms, armed with fully powered guns. Caesar charged about for a quarter of a minute, trying to avoid the heaviest knots of gunners, but their numbers only increased.
Then he spotted her. She was tied to an old pillar at the edge of the arena. They hadn't hurt her, apparently, hoping to make a good ransom deal for the wayward child. She sat in stunned silence as her king bludgeoned her captains to death with a steel beam which bent with use, and as he endured shots from thirty-nine guns at once. She watched as smoke gushed off of Caesar's melting skin, and then she caught the song.
The song was reaching near the two minute mark when she joined in, as she continued to watch as even Caesar's granite shield began vaporizing under the intense barrage. Caesar stood in the center of the arena, smiting anyone that dared come near with his I-beam, running about in circles and claiming the lives of his slower opponents, yet they had finally grown wise to his tactic, and stayed out of range.
One minute and fifty seconds in Caesar changed his tactic. He launched the I-beam through the air and smashed half-a-dozen gunmen against the far wall with the thrust. Then Caesar drew forth his greatest weapon, and his most prized possession. Snapping the cords of glowing tiny fruits he held his now second favorite thing in the world above his head, thinking nothing of the shots that scourged his skin with flame.
One minute and fifty-four seconds in Caesar began to laugh at his opponents, jeering at them as he sensed their demise. They thought he was crazy as ever, and laughed as well, seeing their shots begin to take toll. The laugh of ignorance.
One minute and fifty-nine seconds, Caesar began to sing the scales. Taking his precious bomb above his head he slammed it into the ground, the nose-cone impact starting it's timer. All the laughter ceased, and time itself froze for two seconds. Caesar turned and ran for his subject, singing the climax of his song. The renegades were running away from the middle of the arena as well, but Caesar out paced them and cast them aside with a single swing of his smoking arms. When he reached her, he curled up over her body as he hit the grandest note of the song, two minutes and four seconds.
The blast went off, carrying on a wave of light a cloud of dust from the middle of the ancient, colossal arena, followed by a torrent of flame. The sound of it drowned out the triumphant notes of the king, and the concussion blew over the stones. The very walls pressed together and exploded outward, careening through the air, bouncing off of ancient rubble and crushing heaps of trash. The last remnant of the pre-war skyscraper was snapped off by a flying stone arch, and it's last chunks of steel fell over the ruins. Caesar landed on his half-melted back with the girl in his arms half a mile away, watching some rock still fly over him, and the ground before him still collapsing into a masive crater. The two lay still for a few seconds as the last of the ash, dust, fire, steel and stone flew by, and with one long note, the song was done.


  1. O.O

    NOOO!!!! More people must vote Caesar! You can't just let it end here, can you?!?!

    1. Well, until the poll closes I will continue with normal posting rates, but Caesar looks like it might be left at a loooong cliff hanger. Should I be mean and make it a super tense one?

  2. For some reason I thought the renegades were the child's family. Knowing they're separate groups makes all the difference. This was heroic, to put it simply.

  3. This. Was. Awesome.
    Kind of glad I came in late. I don't have to wait for the cliffhangers. XD

  4. Kind of a Phantom , Hulk , type superhero king .

    1. Yes, very much. I suppose that in some what he shares the anger-activated powers thing with Hulk, though from totally different sources. And yes, he is the king of the rocks.