Monday, June 4, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 7

Sundays... are days when I often don't post. I hope ya'll can be okay with that.  Today is the day for Caesar the Troll, so without further rambling from me I will release to you the next scene with the lovable mutant and his latest subject.
 The king had a solution for that.

He knelt down in front of her and looked into her eyes, his own appearing only like little bright reflections to her, and motioned to her to sit still. She looked back at him with wide eyes, nodding slightly, still adjusting to the dark. He plunged off down the dark hallway, leaping like a mad ape from wall to wall when they were close together.
Caesar quickly reached the little turn-off from the main path that led to his engineering room. He hadn't done this in a long time, his hands were unfamiliar with the motions. Just as he was ready, he heard a little sob echo down from the catacombs above. With horror he realized that she was afraid he had left her. A king never deserts his people.
The king quickly seized the two metal bars that extended out stones around him, and bent them back to touch each other. When they touched he jumped and twitched involuntarily, but afterwards he heard the familiar hum of his lanterns.
He ran back up into the catacombs, watching lights flicker on over his head and at his feet as he ran. The power was slowly coursing through his old scrap metal, lighting the tunnels faster than he could run. Such a wondrous thing to Caesar's mind, he wondered which of his people may have invented it while he was away from his capital. He could never remember what he had done during that time, but he was sure that he had always been king of the city.
When he finally caught up with the light he found the girl had completely forgotten her fear of a few minutes ago. She was sitting in the first catacomb, which the king had lit with tiny colored fruits he had found on pine trees. The fruits only grew on trees that near cities that had been bombed in winter, so he assumed that they were somehow the result of the explosions leaving their gleam frozen for ages to come. They were very strange fruits to his mind, but were most interesting to him because they tasted differently when they shiny as opposed to when they were dim.
As soon as he arrived the girl leaped up and grabbed his hand, which she could just barely reach. She wanted a tour of the wonderful chambers of lights. As soon as they passed through the narrow door to the next room, which was lit with long purplish lights. These he had found at the bottom of huge piles of steel and sharp glass. He figured these long tubes, which he had discovered, quite by accident, contained a noxious gas, had captured the light of explosions, the redness of rusty steel, and the bluish hue from the nasty glow that many bombed liquids gave off.
Then she saw the walls of the chamber, and grew very excited.


  1. I've suddenly decided I want to see this as an almost-silent film. (Meaning no dialog, only sounds.) Scenes like this would be GORGEOUS.

    1. Yes, they would! That is a very good idea!

      Great job, Reiyen! I am enjoying this story!

    2. With a few of the reading scenes from inside the caves, that could get hard, but otherwise I am fairly intentionally writing it that way. Sounds like a nice idea...
      Glad you like it, GodsPianist. This one seemeth popular among many peoples.

  2. Is he eating Christmas tree lights ? Some on some off ?

    1. Yes he is! So glad someone finally got it without me explaining it first!