Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crook Q Part 9

Well, I'm back.
 - Sam Gamgee, the unpublished epilogue of The Lord of the Rings

Nic, hoping no questions would be asked of him that he did not want to answer, tried to keep up the questioning, "Why are you always stationed in that spot?"
Tower's voice took on a new tone, and he looked down at Nic with his bear eyes for the first time, "Because I have to be here to watch the right people, Doctor Nic."
Nic was very tired of the constant discoveries of his identity. The first had been a fright, the second perplexing, but this third was a mere shock. Of course, Tower could probably have just looked up his name in the files or something.
Then Tower opened his mouth again, "I was sent here to guard you, Q."
"Guard me from what? Escaping? Any man could do that on an island in the North Atlantic."
Tower looked more intently at Nic. "Not just to guard you like that, twit. Guard you from the likes of that Ambrose. Has he caught you yet?"
Nic had new idea who was trustworthy in this whole crazy situation, and did not wish to answer that question.
Tower just kept going on, "Regardless, let me explain something to you, Nic. Something is moving in the United that neither I nor you can stop, whether we would like to or not. Rebellion is brewing; not by force of arms, nor by reformation, but by an infiltration.
"I was sent to this deserted island as a contact for those thrust into prison. When they heard that you had arrived I was bidden to offer you a chance to return to a meaningful life, to give you one more chance to attain power, prestige," Tower paused, looking sideways at Nic's expression, "freedom."
Nic was tired of the whole business.
The former scientist, ever true to his career, knew that it took two substances for a reaction. "In return for what?"
Tower leaned put his binoculars back on and began surveying the far wall. He muttered, nearly only mouthing the word to his captive, "Weapons, Nic. Like Red Rain, for starts."


  1. And yet another twist enters the story.

    1. I love writing serially... it forces me to keep the plot super condensed and interesting.

  2. Wow. No one's ever had the guts to call Dr. Nic names before... Cool.

    So glad you're back! I've missed your blog posts appearing in my inbox. :)

    1. Tower has guts, and a snyde humorous side. He knows when he is at advantage and when he is not, which is precisely what galls Nic so much.

      I hope your inbox will soon be stuffed full!