Thursday, June 28, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 19

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An explosion shook Caesar's train car as small bombs were launched over the river.
Then with a mighty surge, Caesar ripped out the bars of his cage. One by one he tore them out, and the last two he smashed with his fist to bend out of the way. Then he took up a long bar of steel in each hand, and charged out.

 That same ridiculous song rang out, muddle over with explosions and the crackle of the shiny guns. The people were being driven back over the bridge en masse, but the beast with the fire nose sat their guarding it, anything that passed. The renegades had come to exterminate, but they had failed to reckon with Caesar.
The king sprinted from his car, waving the massive, shiny steel beams above his head. The people paid no attention to him, being much too concerned with the enemies across the bridge to care about the zoological curiosity. Caesar bounded towards the bridge, his song just breaking for the first long note.
The enemies on the other side noted the strange thing that came running at them with some pause. They had heard rumors of the king of the rocks, but now they saw him. And they laughed. They fully understood why it had been such a game to torment the massive creature.
Caesar bounded across the bridge, moving so quickly that their guns were of no effect. He charged straight for the massive beast with the bright eyes and flaming nose. It was a strange faced creature to say the least, its nose sitting atop its head, and with a glass pane in the middle of its face. It crawled forward on massive belts like centipede legs.
Caesar planted his feet directly in front of it, and watched as the nose turned towards him. He looked through its glass forehead and saw a man back there, laughing. So its brain was run by humans. All the better. There were two in fact.
The one on the left sat moving some rods around, apparently controlling the nose. Caesar lifted one of the steel beams and launched it straight through the glass, shattering it all to pieces and impaling that driver.
The other driver's laughter ended very quickly. He drew out a electrical pistol, designed for paralyzing enemies and shot at Caesar's head. He watched as the blue, crackling electricity enveloped Caesar's body, and Caesar stood still, staring into his eyes. The driver's shot ran out, and Caesar resumed his song, launching his other steel beam into the man's face.
Suddenly numerous shots from the shiny guns were striking him from both flanks, the renegades having arranged themselves for maximum damage. The king rolled under the body of the monster he had slain for cover. Then with his knees against the ground he pressed his back and palms into the under, and with a surge of the song he lifted the machine into the air.
The firing nearly ceased in amazement, and then half of it ended forever as Caesar through the whole monster at those to the right of the bridge, crushing and scattering them, dragging some down into the river.
He charged against the others, the song building and turning, with a monstrous tone it had never had before. The guns lit up his chest, but Caesar cared little. He ran into the crowd of them, and with single punches collapsed their bones, grabbing some and throwing them twenty yards into the river.
Several renegades had captured a building and began shooting at him from three floors up. Caesar ripped out a chunk of the building's stone foundation, then launched it straight for their window, sealing it up.
Then they fled. But Caesar would not leave them to their own devices.
After the bridge had been built an immensely long street had been laid straight in the same direction, straight towards home and the crater. Swarms of renegades fled down the street, wondering why they had never head of this mood of the king of the rocks.
The king pursued them, brandishing a twenty foot I-beam in both hands, ripped from a building. As he caught the tail of the retreating column he swung the rod around, wiping out a dozen of those fleeing, but the banner was still in the front, and Caesar would not let it get away.
On the side of the street Caesar saw another, smaller monster, begin coughing out that smell that he liked. He ran for it, and just before it took off he caught its rear and tipped it over. The driver tried to run, but a single punch from Caesar sent him flying back. Caesar went to the front of the monster and ripped out its guts, in particular one large block with a shaft coming out.
He held the heart of the machine above his head and ran after the renegades until he had closed enough distance. Then he launched the chunk of hot metal after them, and with all its bouncing it smashed many of them.
Then Caesar merely ran and leaped after them, killing with a stroke of his arms each one that had threatened his subject. He pursued them an hour of running, and as they grew faint he gave them more casualties to remember. Then his home was in sight. Or should have been.
The road the people had built ran straight to his home, but the rubble heap was gone. Caesar ran for where the entrance should have been and smashed through the black rock that made the top of the street. Underneath he found that grey rock that only people could make. His shaft was filled in.
In grief Caesar ran to the left, following a fork in the road, running for his theater. His song had stopped.


  1. Yeah... That would be me David, I like pseudonyms ;)

    1. Have you really read all the way through this far? You are missing out if you missed the beginning... some of my best writing was down there.

    2. Oh yeah, I started all the way back! I love it so far David :D

  2. Fantastic battle scene! And that's a nasty twist at the end. *runs over to the last part*