Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crook Q Part 14

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Ambrose was tired, but his mind was still sharp. "What is it about that whole freedom notion that catches you so much? Freedom for us is built on the backs of captives. What kind of freedom are you after?"
Nic answered softly through pursed lips, "Freedom from death would be best, but for the present I will settle for freedom from the agents of slavery."

They blindfolded Nic as they took him out of the chopper, then moved him to a van without windows. When he took it off in the van, there still sat Ambrose. Apparently he would be guarded by Ambrose for a long time, a prospect that gave Nic no large amount of pleasure to say the least.
The van flew along the streets at a rate illegal to all normal people's cars, and unsafe for everyone in general.
This time Nic and Ambrose were both to sleepy for any verbal sparring, or physical beatings, and remained in unconscious silence. The van went down a steep incline into the bowels of a white and glass building, illuminated at night by spotlights all around.
They woke Nic with decent politeness, and Ambrose most cruelly. Nic chuckled at the quality of his guard, no longer surprised that his career had never amounted to much.
The United guardsmen escorted Nic very closely in the elevator, Ambrose coming up in the other one. They went to floor eleven, home to the 9000s wing. Each floor except the first two had been given its own wing. They moved Nic quickly to room 611 and pushed him inside, one of the guards, with the most decoration on his uniform, followed after.
The United representative said, "Welcome to your headquarters, Q. I have been instructed to only call you by that name, and that you should only give that as your name. Your movements are restricted to this floor, but therein you are welcome anywhere. We have cleared this floor of all its usual personnel. Any requisitions can be made from the computer at the main desk. You are free to request anything your require, and a sufficient amount for your own personal comfort, but my personal advice to you would be to not push that too far."
The representative reached into his massive pouch that looked almost like a laptop bag. Sure enough, one was inside, but so also was a thin metal box with a digital readout and a microphone on its largest face. He handed that box to Nic and said, "That box contains your orders and more complete instructions, as well as your restrictions and expectations. To open it,  just press the button and say, 'I have committed numerous crimes against the United. I now take this opportunity to serve my country once more.'"
Nic laughed, "What an interesting password!"
The representative repressed a smile, "I understand it was made especially for you, and trained for your voice. Anyhow, I will be your contact for all concerns with the government or its agents. If you have any scientific requests, those can be made through the Vice Secretary of Peace-Keeping Science, who's office is on Floor 2. You can reach him via the closed-circuit intercom any time he is in the office. Tomorrow you begin your work on whatever it is you are doing. You are free to set your hours, but I advise you to keep up a steady stream of progress if you want to,"
Nic finished for him, "live."
The representative smiled fully, "Yes, that's a good way to put it."


  1. Oh boy oh boy. Anyone tell you this is awesome writing? :D

    1. I went from dialogue being my weakness to it being my greatest strength. I can write it very quickly with a fairly natural feel. Trouble is my own mannerisms quickly become universal to the characters because I always pretend to be the character I am narrating.

      Yes, I like keeping up the tension (if that is what you meant by "oh boy oh boy."

  2. Awesome introduction to Nic's "new life." I am very eager to see where this is going. :D Also, I agree - good dialog. :)

  3. I agree with Aubrey. Great job!

  4. Awesomeness! This is reminding me of Philli's time at the Mars base... Restrictions and all. ;D