Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Criminal Q Part 13

Ambrose rolled his eyes in the dark, "Sure, whatever you say. We'll be out of here as soon as I can manage."
Nic raised his eyebrow and combed finger combed his confused locks in concern, "We?"
Ambrose turned and smiled cruelly, "Don't think you can get away from all the Unionists. We aren't as 'fluffy' as some seem to believe."

That night, at about six minutes after nine o'clock, Nic was awakened by his cell door being opened. It was usually locked at night. Two huge men in navy blue uniforms stood at the door. Usually the guards wore grey. Their eyes were like tiny flecks of light.
They didn't say anything. They didn't need to. Nic knew what to do.
He got up, hopping back into his jumpsuit, his hands doing the motions of buttoning it shut as he zipped it instead. The two led him upstairs past sleeping prisoners and awake ones. Those that witnessed the sight were ever after in perpetual wonder that anyone was ever taken from the prison. John and Dowe had managed to get a cell other than their own for the night. No one really cared what they did, so they watched as Q passed by. He had been handcuffed to make things appear different. They guessed that tomorrow it would be said that he had been executed.
A chopper waited, floating on the choppy waters over the wall. It began to fly, hovering past the watchtowers, then dropped down a ladder for Nic. The scientist climbed the first few rungs when the ladder began to be pulled up from inside and the helicopter took off. Nic made a final wave of farewell to the two guards that had already disappeared from the yard, and to the watchtower.
Nic climbed into the small room meant for passengers, and found himself sitting opposite Ambrose.
Ambrose sneered, "The trouble with scientists is that they move to slowly. I got you out of that prison with only a few hours notice."
Nic didn't even honor him with eye-contact. He asked, "Have you ever heard of a breakthrough?"
As Ambrose narrowed his gaze Nic kicked the commander in the shins. "Sometimes we move fast enough,"  he said.
Ambrose simply sat in silence for a few minutes. As soon as the scientist was installed in the lab Ambrose new he would lose all power over him. Might as well make the flight enjoyable then. Ambrose began again, "Once we are over land again, you should make sure to look down at all the cities you threatened to erase with your terrorism."
"Yes, and you should survey all the people you really have enslaved. We can both measure our accomplishments at once."
Ambrose was tired, but his mind was still sharp. "What is it about that whole freedom notion that catches you so much? Freedom for us is built on the backs of captives. What kind of freedom are you after?"
Nic answered softly through pursed lips, "Freedom from death would be best, but for the present I will settle for freedom from the agents of slavery."


  1. "Freedom from death would be best, but for the present I will settle for freedom from the agents of slavery." Nice!

    I can't wait to see how this "playing of both sides" turns out.

    1. I can't wait either! I only have some idea, not all the details are firm in my head as yet.

  2. I love the verbal sparring here!