Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 3

Somebody out there voted for more from Caesar the Troll... and to prove to you that voting early and often has its benefits, I will oblige! Besides... I like writing about the king of the rocks...

The walls of the amphitheater would ring with his tremolo notes, and at the end of his song he would take a deep bow, then begin banging two small rocks together. He had discovered that doing this caused a sound to echo off the stones around his palace which sounded just like clapping to his mind. Sometimes he would oblige his loyal subjects with an encore, but rarely would he sing more than once. If the renegades were feeling particularly cruel, they would attempt to ambush him in his theater if they heard him singing the song that annoyed them more than anything else in the city.
When night fell, the king would descend down to his chambers, the ancient catacombs of the city. The catacombs had been used by religious radicals of the past, as well as a cemetery. A strange cult had met down in the tunnels for many years in the past, and left some markings of their dwelling. The king had discovered all the secret passages in his domain, and and in so doing had found many halls and chambers previously unknown, carved all over with the history of the city above.
The first chamber began with a description of the founding of the city, of how it's dwelling were spread over seven hills, and of its first kings. Eventually the kings began to fail at leadership, and a council of leaders had replaced them. Then the hall of the king.
They had called him emperor after a while, and changed his titles for a while here or there, but the histories clearly revealed that Caesar had ruled this city for nearly five hundred years. Then Caesar disappeared for a while. Then came another hall, the hall of the war.
In an entirely different hand was carved across the whole wall of the chamber, which was somewhat bigger and more roughly hewn, the story of the war that had ended all cities. The history was somewhat dry for while, writing about the destruction of New York, London, Tokyo, Milwaukee, Lisbon, Madrid, Johannesburg, Cairo, Beijing, Sydney. The last one to fall had been San Antonio, protected by valiant Texans, something like the Amazons of when Caesar had first reigned. Then there was the hall of the revolt.
After all the cities had been destroyed, no one really knew who was in control, and mass carnage ensued. Someone began bombing the last ruins of the city in which the troll-king now lived. Pretty much every place was bombed, whether someone was living there or not. There was something about aliens invading, too, and about a great ice age, a volcano or seven bursting, and other nondescript details of carnage. Then he returned.
The next hall, carved in a very rough hand detailed the return of the king. Caesar had come back to his city, and found the tunnels, and sang in the theater. All his people flocked to him, and they lived in the rubble and in the catacombs. And Caesar was the king of the rocks.


  1. Suddenly I feel vindicated in my obsessive need to vote on your polls. ;)

    *likes* Is this a short story that you are serializing?

    1. This is a short story/novella like story that I am composing as I write it into the blogger "New Post" Box. These are original drafts, and one day, when I am rich, famous, successful, etc... you will all be able to say you were hear to watch it happen!

      And yes, if by serializing it you include me just writing it little by little as I post, then yes :D

  2. OK. :D
    I look forward to that day. ^_^

  3. This is exciting, David. I like it so far. :D