Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sneak Peek 3

Today I have decided to give you all another Sneak Peek into the script of The Great EGO. In this scene, Jack and Patch are deliberating over how they will break into the enemy fortress. Jack seems a bit confused about their armaments though...

[Jack’s hand picks up potato] : While I am making the diversion (grabs potato) you will plant C4 next to the gate, and blow up the gate!
[default view] Patch, sitting, blank wall as back: Sir, that is a potato
[All Jack scenes are table]: Oh, so it is. Well, I suppose you could blow up a gate with a potato. (pause…) And then you climb the guard tower or towers with this rope! (holds up bean)
Patch: Sir, that is a single bean.
Jack: Well at least it is not a married bean… then you will cover your escape with these motion sensing explosives!

 Jack goes on with more bright ideas... but I will save those for when I finally get this thing filmed and you get to see the real production!

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  1. *looks forward to the day he can see the real production* :cool: