Friday, May 25, 2012

Sneak Peek 2

Since I happen to be in a rather happy mood, I thought I would share with you one more of the Phil/Guard routines...but after that I want to keep them secret so that you can enjoy them fresh once filming is done sometime this summer. This is one of my personal favorites, originally written for different characters in a certain fanfic I plan on writing...
In this one, Phil is in his cell, tormenting his guard, as usual.

(Phil is invisible behind cell wall.. repeatedly flushing a toilet)
(With each flush sound Guard’s face changes) Normal > curious > whacked > horrified >disgusted
[Guard stands up]: What is going on in there?!
Phil [doesn’t become visible]: BAHAHA! Your water bill is going to go SKY HIGH!


  1. *laughs out loud again* I like this guy. :cool:

  2. *facepalm* This is going to be good...

  3. Phil is hilarious in real life... he will be acted by my friend named Phil. I can't wait to see what that guy comes up with for a costume.
    And Aubrey... I made a mistake. This routine is not the one that is going in to your Red Rain fanfic... I wrote that paragraph and then switched which routine I was giving you a peak at... do you want to see the one that was actually invented for the fanfic?

  4. Is there a place where I can get more info on The Great EGO? :book:

    1. This blog! hahaha. What you looking for, plot summary? We haven't begun principal photography yet, but the script is done. We have to do some set building and then all the filming, but filming is due to begin within the next two weeks, since Phil the actor will be gone for most of the summer after that.

  5. :rofl: I was looking for anything and everything related to The Great EGO. ;)

    Sounds great. :D