Friday, May 25, 2012

Caesar The Troll Part 2

After any of the horrific torture experiences, the king would fall into despondence, and into a particularly less sane mind. Like many little children, he had many imaginary friends. Some were purely imaginary, such as Marcus, his friend who could bring peace to any place, but others were more rooted in reality. His parents were one such set of friends; he often imagined them. And like many little children, he imagined that he could sing.
The king was not nearly as bad at singing as his cracked mind and bent frame might have suggested. Indeed in singing he seemed almost man-like again. Whenever he was sad or hurting, when the burns were particularly bad, he would crawl, leap, and run his way to the theater, the one place above ground that he bothered to claim as his own.
It was an ancient stone theater, build multiple thousands of years ago, capable of seating thousands. The monarch would climb over rubble and smash through rusty metal to clamber is way in, then instantly changing his composure he would become as one of the singers of old, stately, handsome, and upright. He would climb onto the stage, and look out to his imaginary audience, which filled every row but the first. His parents always sat to the left on a high row; they had always been late to things, and never got good seats. Marcus sat in the dead center, on the fourth row. Marcus liked to look down a little onto the stage, and always said the song reached him best right there. Every seat was filled with an adoring friend...
in the king's mind.
Now, if any other living soul had seen the performance, they would have been reminded of the story of the king without clothes. This king sang and sang, with very little for clothes and even less for audience. His song lasted nearly two minutes and a half, depending on how long he held the high notes, and had very little meaning to anyone but himself. Whenever he was sad or hurting, he would sing that song, and as long as the sang, he would not feel any pain.
His song sounded something very much like this one: The Trolling Song.


  1. Very nice. I like the name Marcus...

  2. The name for Marcus was chosen as an allusion to the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, who ruled during the Pax Romana. He never really shows up again... just is named as an example of an imaginary friend.

  3. That's a pretty cool origin for a name.