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A Character Profile

Alright folks, I am seeing some votes out there for character profiles as well, tying up for the lead. I figured I would grant your request this time... consider yourselves lucky! Muahahaha. I am crazier than you think!
Ahem. Anyhow, now that I have subdued my inner master of mischief, I will see what I can do to dig up some character profiles from the archives... since I can't exactly write one this morning because I have to pick up my cousin from the airport and pick up the graduation cake and pick up a prescription and pick up some pictures... if you ever need something picked up just let me know, because I am a pro!
Ahem, back to finding that profile. *sounds of banging around in a cubbard* *some guy yelling, "where did those profiles go?"*
AHA! I gotsed one!
In case you hadn't had enough of Nastar, the demon-lead from my first preview scene (the one I still have only given you half of), this post will be about him, too! This one gives some speculative history about his origins, which, depending on which theories you ascribe to, can completely change how you would expect this ambiguous incarnation of war-lust to act.

The origins of Nastar are ambiguous. It is for certain that he was fashioned by The Black Cross not long after the Cross overthrew Aerykun and chased him into Gor Xander Burld, but it is possible that Nastar predates this creation.

When Aerykun made his last exit from the Red World, several of his most loyal and most deadly servants followed him. Along the way they each were captured as they helped their leader escape to safety, save for one. This last one took on the guise of Aerykun himself, appearing in all ways like him, and went off in another direction, away from the path of his master. The forces in pursuit followed the impostor. His trail led up and into the mountains that surround all the Shadow Realm, the under world sunk into the surface of the earth.

They caught up to the impostor at a cliff-face of the highest of these mountains, a pinnacle of rock that no mortal has ever climbed. The impostor demon had gone very far up, but before the pursuit even began to climb after him they saw his silhouette dive into the Fires. The flames instantly changed color, burning black and blue with tinges of yellow and green, and so they continued to burn for almost a decade.

Then the Black Cross perceived the need of a lieutenant. Not trusting any of the captured demon lords, though they had been reinstated, he saught to make a new demon, greater even than they. He traveled to the same pinnacle mountain at the border of the world, and mixing the fashionings of Fire and Darkness, Nastar was birthed into the world.

Some, though, theorize that this was not the first appearance of Nastar. They say that the impostor demon which leapt into the Fires was the same that the Black Cross made, and that Nastar was not truly fashioned at this time but only drawn out of the Fires. None may ever know, but the implications are staggering it is true.

Firstly, this would make Nastar the most unique being to ever live, if he successfully reincarnated himself. The ability to transcend the normal laws of death might indicate other mutations or abilities which we don't understand. Secondly, it would mean that he is actually older than the Black Cross, and with age comes strength.

After the Black Cross fashioned, or freed, Nastar, he disappeared from major history for a while. He was in a long maturation period, as all demons go through after fashioning. Unlike most though, his took somewhere around one hundred years, thousands of times longer than the demons that make up most armies, and many times longer than even the greatest demon lords.

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