Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 5

I have been feeling a bit like an evening post, and so thought I would bring out for ya'll the next installment of the story of The Song of the Troll. By the way, today I cam up with the ending lines of the story! and mapped in my mind how this is going to go... should be fun, sad, tragic, hilarious, and everything it has been thus far!

And there she was.
A little girl, not ten years old, sat at the base of the stage, playing with the rocks and humming to herself.
Caesar had no memory of seeing a little girl ever before, but he knew what he was seeing now. A miracle. No one else existed. She must have appeared out a thin air, a heavenly visitation by a golden haired girl.
And then she began to sing. Caesar understood little of speech, but could hear in her song the same happiness that filled him when he sang his song to all his assembled audience. He stole silently down into the theater, and came within a few feet of her before she noticed as his shadow fell on her.
She turned in the utmost fright, her pale face becoming paler, and she dropped the little horse and doll she was playing with.
Caesar stooped down toward her level, and she began scooting backwards on her skirts away from the king of the rocks. He reached out to her, and she cowered back further. He could read in her face a great fear, even as she spilled out a great unintelligible babble of words that Caesar did not understand.
Seeing her fear, Caesar grasped her about the waist lightly with his mighty hands and carried her, now silent in petrified fear, to the stone seats at the front row of the theater, and there she sat, too afraid to shiver.
Then he climbed to the stage, and began to sing. He sang and he sang, and watched her precious little eyes as his song climbed on and on.
And when he was done, she clapped and clapped for him until her little hands were red and hurt. So he took a bow, and sang again, adding the little dance that he only did when he was immensely happy. Then he did a great deep bow as she cheered for him. When he looked up she was standing under him, jumping, trying to ascend the stage.
He reached down and brought her up with one hand. She took to the center of the stage, just in front of the king's knees, and she began to sing the song of the king. He joined in with his immense bass voice, and together they made a song more beautiful to Caesar's ears than any he had ever heard in the theater. When they were through, she made a curtsey while he bowed, and after a moment of eye-contact, they sang again, and she danced the dance he had done, with perfect timing for their invisible audience.
Daylight began to wane, and the stars to come out as they finished their song once more. The girl reached up and took Caesar's hand, pulling on it as hard as her little arms could manage. He knelt down close to her, trying to read her expression. There was something in her face he could just scarcely recall. Then she hugged him, her soft hands just barely reaching his sides. He clasped his arms around her and lifted her up. And from that moment henceforth, he was no longer king only of the rocks.