Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sneak Peek 4

Good morning everyone... I have some crazy adventures to head off to with some of my filming-buddies this morning... so I am afraid there won't be more of Caesar the Troll this morning. Well, actually, I am not afraid of that, I have made peace with that. I may yet bring forth some of that epic tale this evening or so, but for now I will delight Aubrey first and share yet another sneak peek into the script.
Filming has been scheduled for one week from today, by the way, so soon you will get to start seeing behind-the-scenes shots, maybe costume designs, etc.

[Patch at table desk-style, on walkie talkie]: Jack, remind me why it is that I am running a fruit stand on EGO’s front door?
Jack, by garage: You’re distracting them, Patch. You know, malnourished soldiers need nothing more than they need good fruit. You’ll have all their attention while I slip in the back
[Jack peeks around, Rob standing on front corner that Jack is behind back of]
[Jack jumps back behind corner]
Jack: It’s not working, Patch. You’re gonna have to find a way to get more attention.
Patch: Like what?
Jack: Do you juggle?
Patch: no…
Jack: Can you sing?
Patch: no
Jack: Perfect! That always gets people’s attention!
Patch (small voice crack) : Well what should I sing?
Jack: Anything you want. Or don’t want. Just loud, bad, and long


  1. You're so nice. :D

    Love this snippet also!

    1. Just wait until you see me singing the songs we have set up there. It's pretty... awesome.