Monday, July 9, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 22

At the sound of his name the king stood to his two feet, and all the guards around him turned.
A beast more mighty than any before, covered with eyes and belching out smoke from several mouths, with awful light and brilliant darkness spreading terror, rolled toward the bridge that Caesar had built. And running towards it were all the people. But the king cared not for all of them. But only for one.

Caesar looked his guards in the face with an expression of grim desire that caused them to cringe. He reached with his right hand for the top of his head, and with a mighty yank tore off his crown. They dropped their guns.
With a single swipe the king swung his crown through the bars and wires of his cage, casting them to the side. He leaped out and roared, casting his crown to the ground. His guards fainted dead away as he lurched forward in dead sprint for the bridge. And he sang his song again.
Dust and gravel hopped from the ground as the king's feet thundered across the open square toward the bridge he had laid. His song shook the skies and in his eyes was a flame of fire. Scores of people were fleeing over his bridge to safety, but he ran ever towards it. His feet smashed over broken metal and shattered glass.
Caesar this time needed no weapon. He needed neither rock nor bomb, no iron beams or shiny guns, no pink poison tubes or glowing fruits. His wrinkled body stumbled over the battle plain at lightning speed. And his song was building as he sang it slowly.
The black rock that covered his bridge broke and scattered under his weight as he bounded over the bridge on all fours. He leaped over people running by, catching beams of light meant to scorch them. Flaming rocks came clattering towards them only to be turned into the river by the body of the king.
Nearest the bridge was a small creature with only two eyes and a short nose. It had two mighty spinning legs in the front and a tiny one in the back. In two bounds Caesar was atop it. With one punch he smashed through its scales and drew out its master, casting him to doom in the river.
From all around the terrible lights were all focused on him, burning the king most awfully. But still he fought on. He lifted the shell of the beast and through it down the road, bouncing and crushing his enemies.
Caesar leapt from building to window and window to street, finding each of them that carried the guns and beating them against walls. He would jump through bricks and with lethal accuracy whip the grey blocks at his opponents. His song shook the walls around him, but the enemies would not flee this time.
The mighty beast crawled still along the road, speaking nothing.


  1. Caesar's bravery is really inspiring, and also enjoyable to read.

    (Also, it's amazing how you can alternate writing posts on different stories within the space of the hour. It takes some mental focus to be able to change worlds like that.)

    1. One word: noise-cancelling-headphones-playing-music-that-fits-the-theme-of-each-world-alternatively.

      My main worry is the Caesar's battles will grow repetitive, with his near invulnerability and all.

  2. I see the guards fainting as Caesar rises from his cell. Good word pictures in the writing.