Monday, July 9, 2012

The End of Marathon Week 1

Greetings, untold millions of devoted followers who faithfully press their refresh hotkey every other hour so as to hope to find a new post about the beloved Philli or the bemoaned Dr. Nic. A great many of you, at least as far as my limited powers of observation go, have just recently, within the past week, begun reading my blog. I thank you a thousand times over for doing so.
You have doubtlessly enjoyed the constant updates on the characters Aubrey Hansen made you love. Every day there has been something more, and some days lots more. I am writing now to make you aware that the pace of Red Rain updates may slow for one main reason.
Marathon Week 1 is over. During about 7 days of posting, I gave you 18 updates. Not bad for a first bid at Marathon Week where I didn't write any of it in advance.
To those of you who are new to this blog, it may be news to you that there are other things that go on on this blog. Basically, there are four "threads" that I post on throughout the week.
1. Philli Fanfiction
2. Nic Fanfiction
3. Kids Skits
4. Caesar the Troll
Marathon week was a time when I devoted all my posting energy to Red Rain fanfiction threads. I left several of my fans behind which previously only read Caesar the Troll, and to them, I am glad to announce that his story will be resumed as of this day.
Some of you are new to Caesar the Troll. Try this first post to see if you enjoy this, one of the finest of my creations.
The Kids Skits are all completely written already, so I will post them more or less as I feel like it.
Caesar the Troll will soon reach its end. I am open to suggestions as to what should replace it as another thread. I would love to get back to some of my fantasy world stuff, so we should hopefully see something from there soon!
Now I promise to go and actually write more Red Rain and Caesar and not just this little update.
So long!

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  1. Thanks so much for devoting a whole week to the fanfic! :D I enjoyed it immensely. I might be biased, but I do think it was a fun idea to have a vote. You should try it again sometime after Caesar is finished and you have different stories cycling!

    It also makes me want to try it on my blog sometime...

    I caught up on all the Caesar the Troll yesterday and enjoyed it immensely, so I'm looking forward to more of him, too. I'll be watching for these additional posts you promised for today!