Monday, July 2, 2012

Philli Part 5

My apologies for the somewhat lame start to Marathon Week 1... today will see only one more Red Rain post than normal. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I messed up programming the poll, so it ends tomorrow at midnight actually, but I will assume Red Rain has won until then. I will not count further votes so as to be able to get a true full week of Red Rain posting. In fact, I will take down that poll "early."
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Now Cea brought out an another impossible thing. She went on, "It's called Finding Nemo."
Cami liked her Old English Literature classes asked, "What does it have to do with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?"
Cea laughed, "Silly, nothing. It's just a story about a couple of fish." 
The concept was too funny to me. I started laughing and couldn't stop. 

I found that movie really funny. It was dramatic, and it was funny. It was cute, and it was dramatic.
We actually believed that slumber parties should involve sleeping, and so after the movie was done and Cea had carefully hidden it away from where anyone could find it we went to bed.
Cami and I slept out in Cea's common room, and after reliving all the funnest moments of the silly old movie we drifted off to sleep.
But I couldn't sleep. All the houses were the same, but I could feel that this one was different. Maybe it was because he digital picture frame had a different picture. It glowed slightly, and was all I could see in the dark room.
From where I was lying I could see only that the picture was of two very young children, a brother and sister. They both had curly hair, and the boy's was darker.
I couldn't sleep, so I got up to look at the picture. Looking closer I could almost see the resemblance of Nic in the boy, but his hair was curly as a child. Cea had hardly changed a bit, besides coming more into her form.
I was curious to see more pictures of Nic back when he had smiled. Waving my hand I switched to the next one. This one was of Nic when he was a senior in highschool, before the United changed all the education systems. Cea was just getting into highschool then, or so it looked. They were both really dressed up, and Nic was smiling. He had braces and glasses back then. He looked like he was new to combing his hair into the part down the middle.
Nic had his left arm around Cea's shoulders. They must have been close all their lives. And it looked like maybe his other arm was around someone, too, but the picture cut off awkwardly at his own shoulder. At the bottom of the picture, though, by Nic's shiny shoes, I could see the trace of a purple dress.
I heard something move behind me.


  1. :shock: Wh...Why'd you stop there? Whose in the purple dress?

    1. I stopped there because I am a malevolent and diabolical blogger who wants to make sure you come back often! I think learning to write like this with incessant plot-turns and cliff-hangers might help keep my novels more interesting... it will be interesting to see.

    2. That is true. That will be interesting to see :D.

    3. And now that my brother and I have completed mapping the remaining plot for this story, I will be able to be even more devious. Oh what fun!

  2. Goodness, you're making Philli sounds like me now. Regular Pixar geek there.

    And I like that you're working the concept of the digital picture frame as a plot point into the story again.

    1. Philli's voice.... has made me literally scream a few times, trying to write in it. My brother can do an epic Philli caricature, which doesn't help me at all. Because it is so funny, I just end up laughing and can't believe I am writing that character.