Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Content Questionairre

Hey there readers, it's me again with a couple of questions.
But first, a few observations.
I'm a perfectionist. Nothing is good enough for me. I am also a statistics obsessive. Those two combined perpetually make me seek more readers and page views. So I looked at some of those other blogs, the ones with hundreds of followers, and wondered what it was they had that made so many come and read. I checked Aubrey Hansen's, too
It's unique content. And while, obviously, my stories are unique, they require a certain knowledge of Red Rain to be able to appreciate. The story of the Four Golems, which appears to be the next upcoming tale, may change that somewhat, but mostly I wanted to see from you, in comments, what recommendations you have for other content.
I hope to soon start doing occasional movie and book reviews. Primarily my reviews though won't be content oriented, but mostly message oriented, so they should be more like analysis than reviews. Who would like to hear my ideas on the latest Batman, for instance?
All other suggestions are welcome as well...


  1. My answer would be to return with a question--what do you want to write on your blog?

    I address this issue the same way I do when I counsel authors struggling with the marketability of their books. There is merit to studying stats and market trends to see what sells; there are times when altering your content to fit expectations is a good choice. But ultimately, I think it is far better to determine what you want to write and then find a market for it. Write your passion and then figure out how to get people interested.

    I've been blogging for about a year and a half now. When I started I had little experience with blogs, and if you look back on my old posts, you can see how not only my posts have improved, but the type of posts has also shifted. As I grew as a writer I began to develop my marketing approach; I got a feel for what kind of posts I liked to write and which ones got the most response. It was only recently that I truly settled on my direction for my blog and began tweaking things to match that.

    I mostly write "rants" now (personal expositions on subjects that are writing-related). Not surprisingly, these were what I liked to write most--and they were also the posts that got the most response in the comments. I'd found what worked for my writing, and people who liked my writing naturally gravitated towards posts of that style. I found my passion, focused on it, and engaged my target audience.

    So what do you want to do with your blog? I had to play around for a yearish to figure it out for myself, but my blog followers didn't seem to mind. ;) Personally, as I like your writing, I'm interested in anything. Your fiction is of special appeal, but I'd also enjoy your thoughts on books and movies, as I respect your opinion and don't get to hear your thoughts on books/movies very often.

    1. Ahh, ok, I getcha. I will see what I can do about that. Thanks for your advice and time!

    2. Jus' ramblin' from personal experience. Thanks for listening. ;)