Friday, July 6, 2012

Crook Q Part 22

"Smyrna, I will need you to help me stabilize some heavy ions to build more powerful synthetic acids and bases. Ephesus, I have some special tasks for you."
Ephesus was suspicious, "Like what?"

"First of all, the kitchen mainframe."

Ephesus stood still. "You want me to do what?"
Nic answered straight, "I am sick of waiting for their nasty food. I need you to hack the stuff so that we can send ourselves whatever food we want."
Smyrna was in shock. "Is that really why you summoned him?"
Nic laughed. "No, once we have that done you can get to work recreating that virus you did on Mars."
Ephesus smiled slowly, "Okay."
Smyrna asked, "Can you give us a tour of the facilities?"
Nic was glad to show off his lab, and gave them the full tour, ending with their personal apartment. He introduced them to the door, saying, "And I hope you have no trouble with rooming with me, because you don't have any other options."
Smyrna touched the door pad, and it chimed in Nic's voice, "Welcome to the indestructible carrot project." He looked confusedly at the pranking scientist.
Nic dismissed his appearance, "A joke on the United. He tried to threaten me by cracking a carrot in half. I can't wait for him to hear this. He'll be back in a few days, and want to see some progress."
Ephesus was curious about the stakes involved. "And what happens if he doesn't see progress?"
Nic shrugged, "Well, he might kill us, or he might blow more gas. I am mostly hedging for time as I try to develop a weapon powerful enough that they will keep the terms of my employment."
Ephesus was not set at ease with that answer, "And what about us?"
Nic smiled. "You are Unaccepted. You will be assimilated or removed, like any other criminal."
Smyrna wondered about Nic's mentality. "And how do you feel about the threat of our, your, life?"
Nic's voice went monotone. "What does it matter to you? You all have religion, so you'll go to heaven." He laughed.

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