Thursday, July 26, 2012

Philli Part 22

Cea took it out of my hands and cocked it quickly. She clicked a button on the side.
"No more safety, in more ways than one. Don't pull that trigger unless you mean to. And if you mean to, you sure better."
It felt like a movie. Just not one about fish. 
Everything moved so fast. Cea leaped to the doorway and checked down the hall as far as she could see. Nothing was there, except a camera. With a bang there wasn't even a camera left. "Phil, check the other corner."
How do I check a corner?
Cea rolled her eyes again at my incompetence and jumped to the other side of the door. "Clear." She said, and ducked out the door, turning right.
I followed right behind her, my gun pointed at the ground. I had always been taught to carry kitchen knives that way, and this was far more dangerous.
Cea kicked at the door we had come up through. The metal of it rang, almost seeming to laugh at our feeble attempt at escape.

Cea got down on her knees and investigated the crack of the door. "Simple deadbolts."
She placed her gun directly against the crack of the door and shot. The bullet bounced back and knocked the gun out of her hands. The door just chuckled.
Boots were pounding down the opposite side of the corridor. I flattened into a doorway and Cea did the same just as they turned around. Cea's pistol still lay on the ground.
Three of them with big, black, metal guns. They didn't even offer surrender, just started spraying bullets around. The little balls of hot metal rolled around on the floor. I stuck my left hand out in the open and shot without even looking.
The recoil nearly broke my arm as it was thrust back against the door. But I was glad for it, as a stream of bullets flew by my small degree of cover.
Cea had snatched her gun back and popped a shot straight into the head of the lead soldier. The other two jumped back. "Switch guns!" She barked and tossed me hers. I slid mine to her. Hers was lighter.
Then a small metal ball about the size of a baseball rolled up to us.
My fervent prayers were interrupted by Cea's cry. "Grenade!" 

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  1. I absolutely ADORE the line about kitchen knives. I was taught that, also. Precious. :D

    Guns are cool. Hence, this is cool, although as her original author, I really pity Philli...

    1. Already pitying her? You haven't even seen the next post...