Friday, July 6, 2012

Philli Part 12

The captain and the rest of the soldiers jumped on and the door sealed right behind them. They had barely sat down when the van rocketed off again.
We flew straight out of camp at a ridiculous speed. The captain told me to keep my head down and not look out the windows, or else he'd have to blindfold me. I wasn't supposed to know where I was going.
The other passenger was tied up, gagged, and had a full bag-hood over the head. Apparently that one was much more troublesome than me.
I noticed that the soldier I had been talking to had resumed his perfectly formal stance, holding his gun and sitting in the exact same posture as the other soldiers. He and I made eye contact for half a moment. He instantly looked away.
Once we were outside the camp our pace slackened. There must be traffic in the streets.
My fellow passenger and prisoner began to stir, but couldn't move much with the bonds around the wrists and legs. I could tell it was a girl, but not much else in the dark. If it was Cami and we were both stuck wherever we were being sent, then maybe things would be bearable. She liked memorizing Pslams, which might be more comforting to us than my preferred passages from John's letters.
The van made a sudden hard turn and began a descent. Probably a parking garage.
The van stopped after taking a slow turn into a parking position. Doors on all three sides popped up. I was surrounded by squads of soldiers with guns pointed at the car. I looked back at my fellow passenger. She must be something important to warrant this kind of protection.
I was in a concrete building with long yellow lights. The captain spoke up, "Philadelphia Smyrna has been no trouble. See to it you reciprocate that for her. This other one keep all your guns on, just so she'll stop making trouble."
I was already being escorted toward a small stairwell. The guards hadn't touched me at all, but kept their guns pointed menacingly and their faces the same way. I turned as I reached the door to watch them rip the hood off of my fellow passengers.
Her mussed-up golden curls obscured her face, but there was no questioning that this was Cea.


  1. Wow. Tense.

    Definitely like the captain. I'm wondering if you're going to do anything else with this other soldier...

    1. I haven't come up with anything to bring him back in, but he may yet appear again as surprisingly to me as he did the first time, which was very spur-of-the-moment.

  2. Definitely liking this... The suspense!!! O.O

    1. I think my practice here on the blog at keeping up suspense may prove useful in my novels... we'll have to see.

  3. Cea and Phili? What's going on here?

    1. Wouldn't you like to know! I think it will come out in a few posts... like maybe one or two, so it could be tomorrow!