Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crook Q Part 34

 "I came within an arm's reach of saving the world from tyranny, and here you are with a microchip that could undo the whole bastion of injustice, and all you have to say," his voice cracked, "is, 'to live is Christ?'"
Smyrna sat on the ground behind Nic. He had lost his balance from the push. Nic stood bent over Ephesus' who was still on his chair.
Ephesus looked up into Nic's awkwardly close face and said, "Yes."

Nic slowly but immediately turned away from the younger scientist, left staring at the approving look from Dr. Smyrna. Nic mumbled, "Anyhow, let's talk about something less metaphysical. Would the floor plans you exited have anything to do with the cutting ourselves off of a monster?" He turned tapped a shortcut of keys that brought up the most recently closed windows.
Now Ephesus smiled. Working with Nic was something he hadn't done in a long time. "Yes. We're getting out at first chance.
"Do not be too quick there, Ephesus. We will get out when the time is right. And I think I know when that will be."
Dr. Smyrna was concerned for his daughter, "How soon will that be, Doctor Nic?"
"Patience is a virtue, old man." He paused. "I need a breakthrough."
Smyrna retorted, "We've needed that a long time. It won't come any easier than it has these last few days."
"Yes it will. With a little help from Ephesus."
"What am I going to do?" the youngest scientist asked.
"Hack that modeling program. Change its rules. Make it so that we can send them documentation of a nearly complete success. Tell them that an expensive catalyst is all we need to be done."
Smyrna spoke slowly, "What are you trying to pull, Nic?"
"It is better that you not know. I doubt you are very skilled in lying to the government when it comes to anything other than Bible transmitting."
Smyrna grumbled. "And proud of it." He went immediately to the bedroom, leaving Nic's voice echoing into the room where Ephesus and Nic still lurked.
The two younger men exchanged a glance, and Nic just said, "We will dawn a new day, soon, Ephesus."
Ephesus yawned. "Tomorrow morning, maybe." He too went back to the bedroom and left Nic's voice lingering as Nic took to the computer keys.


  1. You're making me curious what it was like to work with Nic in the "old days." (No, I don't really know, except that apparently Nic "isn't that bad, on a good day.")

    Love this, as usual!

    1. And, as usual, I have incorporated that line (good day vs. bad day) into a post. Thanks for the idea. And the characters ;)