Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Philli Part 21

I am beginning to design new plot lines which involve Philli and Cea being "removed" for sake of ease of writing. Not really.

Cea had already put down the phone before I blinked. "Now, Philli, we need to get ready for that monitor guy. He'll be in in a..."
The door flew open.
We both sat on the floor awkwardly considering what to do. For about two seconds there was silence.
"Nice cell phone." The statement from the guard did little to break the tension.
Cea looked straight back into his face. "Nice beard."
Suddenly he kicked me aside. His powerful leg launched me several feet away as he grabbed Cea's neck. He rudely hoisted her up by that grasp, as she clutched at his powerful hands, then he wrapped his spare arm around her chest, binding her arms in.
I didn't know what I had to do, but I did it anyway.
Without thinking I was on top of him, yanking his beard back. He twisted around angrily, and as one of his arms left Cea to swat at me one her's jerked free, grabbing his ear and yanking his head back around the other way.
He through Cea to the floor. As she slid across the smooth surface he drew a gun. Even as the trigger clicked my foot got his shin. His shot went straight into the floor as he doubled over.
Cea was back up and took a full swing of he leg into his face, flipping him back over. I jumped onto his sprawled out arm, jarring the gun out of his hands with that pain.
He rolled on top of me for his gun. I kicked up between his legs and he rolled off. Before he was ready again Cea had jumped on his head. I heard an awkward cracking sound that nearly brought my dinner back through my mouth. Then a bang with a dull thud.
Blood pooled around the monitor's head. Cea reloaded.
"Where'd you learn how to use a gun?" I asked. A stupid question in the situation.
Another bang. A guard had come to the doorway. "Neither Nic nor I ever really liked the United," she said.
She cocked the gun again and whispered hotly, "Check the other guard's body. Keys, guns, maps, anything useful."
Check his body? Did she want me to grope over a dead man's body?
She rolled her eyes as she went to her knees and did it herself. She frisked him quickly. "Cea, there's a gun in his hand?"
"You won't be able to get that one out. There's nothing stronger than rigor mortis."
I thought back to school. That was when people's muscles tightened as they died.
I head something heavy and metal slide to me. A gun.
Cea looked at me, "Cock it. Pull back on the slider on the top."
I tried, but it wouldn't go.
Cea took it out of my hands and cocked it quickly. She clicked a button on the side.
"No more safety, in more ways than one. Don't pull that trigger unless you mean to. And if you mean to, you sure better."
It felt like a movie. Just not one about fish.

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  1. The "Nice cellphone."/"Nice bread." exchange is brilliant, as is the last paragraph...

    Talk about an action sequence. o.O

    *has shot a pistol before* :D