Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Thread III

Hey friends, we have new stories brewing. Three new stories that we are ready to begin drafting. But there is one catch. We will only do 1. And which one should I do? Notice my new poll over there =====>
See? There are four options. But you know nothing about them... allow me to dispel the problem! Read on to see how you can help decide what the new story thread will be!

The Story of Evol (Super-Hero)
The story of Evol is an enigmatic one. Let's just say it is a super hero short story, with a twist. I can't tell too much. This one will probably end up very short, unless I decide to lengthen it by turning the ending into the turning point and adding a second half. 

The Solo Hunter (Fantasy)
This yet unnamed hunter character explores different dimensions of reality. In a world in which all of mankind is tormented by a race of demonic apparitions that can travel invisibly, one hunter is not found going after them. Instead he is discovered lurking in their lair, defending them with his bow.

The Three Sons (Fantasy)
Returning to Caesar's territory and exploring what it means to be a true hero, the story of the three (again, as yet unnamed) three sons questions what makes one powerful individual a hero and one a villain. I only have one scene in mind, so this one would take a lot of pre-development.

The Four GOLEMS (Science Fiction)
Summarized once on Holy Worlds Sci Fi, this story is one of my favorites, and I would love for you all to choose this one. The human race of the future has developed semi-automated and ultimately completely independent organic golems. If that doesn't make sense, they have created synthetic humans to act as cheap labor. And then a time traveler from the past arrives, the first time-traveler in fact. When the values of the past and the amorality of the future collide, the result is violent.


  1. These all sound awesome... So since I want to read them all, I'll be nice and vote for your favorite. ;)

    1. Thanks! I hope it wins. I am pretty close to taking out one or two of those options because they are so early in dream stages.