Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crook Q Part 27

Red Rain has meant freedom to me, and if you and your sister must fall under for me to get it," he pounded his fist into the table, "then let it be so."
"Well that sounds ethical."

Nic raised his eyebrows diminutively. "Ethics is a field of study for those that would
deliberately put restrictions upon themselves. I am none such person." 
"An interesting statement from someone who cares for his sister so much. Do tell me how that inconsistency has remained in your character all this time. Tell me how you can restrict yourself by loving her."
"If I choose it, it is not restriction."
"Now there is the definition of ethics. I can choose my morals and limitations, choose to obey them. Sounds like freedom to me."
"To you, maybe, but not to me. And if in your mind being eternally bound to do the will of deity you have created for you own security, so be it."
"An interesting concept there. You speak of eternity but defy anything eternal to exist."
"You waste my time. I will think about metaphysics when I want, and not until I have the physics of Red Rain done. Now, if you will excuse me, I have sleeping to do." Nic turned to leave, still trembling above the neck.
Ephesus called after him, "Fear, Nic. It controls you. You'll never be free as long as you're af-" Nic passed through the door into the apartment.
Ephuesus was left listening to Nic explain his whole philosophy, "The scientist welcomes you to the indestructible carrot project."
As soon as Nic was through the door and it had closed he heard a tumult. Before he saw anything Dr. Smyrna was on him, pushing him against the wall by the shoulders. "Why'd you do it!" It wasn't a question, only an expression of desperation. "You and your confounded weapons, all your dubious schemes. Why did you have to involve an innocent Christian family?"
Nic answered, "Why did you all have to be the geniuses I need?"
Smyran didn't answer. He just threw Nic to the floor and stood over him. He looked nearly rabid with the tiredness on his face. "You son of perdition! First they kill my wife, now they'll take my daughter away and death would be a blessing!"
Nic smiled. "To die is gain." He stood back up. "Don't forget about you and your son, too. If you don't deliver I would be surprised if they let you keep staying together in the same camp, if you even get back to the camps and not into prison."
Smyrna glowered at Nic. "I'd take execution first."
"Of course you would. Your religion assures that death is gain, which is nonsensical. If death is gain, I recommend expediting its occurrence."
Now Dr. Smyrna smiled at Nic, "You miss the first part. To live is Christ."


  1. It was nice of you to put up a part this morning for me to read before I started my stressful day. ^_^ Thanks. :D

    The theology discussion was fun. I like how Nic keeps quoting verses without really understanding them. And after talking amout Dr. Smyrna last night, I like how your expansion of his character plays out. He's never done anything violent before, so that's cool.

    In other words, the whole thing is cool. :D

    1. I was having trouble making that discussion happen. It didn't fit the characters and stress levels to have a long one, so I had Nic cut it off. But I wanted a nice deep discussion, so I just gave Smyrna a chance to spread his wings a bit. I was surprised a little at what I made him do, but it seemed to fit him once he gets under this much stress.

    2. Yeah, it works. For Dr. Smyrna it's kind of an "I've had it with you" moment. They've already been through this - Dr. Nic has been defeated once - and he's basically back from the dead. That's rather annoying for Dr. Smyrna! (I'm not complaining.)