Friday, July 27, 2012

Philli Part 23

Cea had snatched her gun back and popped a shot straight into the head of the lead soldier. The other two jumped back. "Switch guns!" She barked and tossed me hers. I slid mine to her. Hers was lighter.
Then a small metal ball about the size of a baseball rolled up to us.
My fervent prayers were interrupted by Cea's cry. "Grenade!"
That surely didn't sound good. I assumed the thing was going to explode.
Cea snatched it up from the ground and threw it back over the dead body of the first guard that had tried a charge. I watched it's flight until Cea yelled at me, "Get back behind the door!"
I jumped back as more bullets flew, then a flash and a bang. Tiny shards bounced everywhere. One scratched across my leg.
Then a new projectile flew in at us. A longer and thinner one. I looked at it wondering what Cea would do about this one. She just turned and looked at the door.
Then it went off. A massive bang left my ears ringing and I fell to my knees. A flash of white light blinded me and I just lay there, holding my gun like a kitchen knife.
I heard the floor vibrate as the two guards came for me. One of them was either laughing or yelling, but I could hear him making a noise.
I lifted up my gun, glad I couldn't see a thing except a blinding whiteness and greyish forms. I squeezed the trigger.
The butt end of my gun crashed into my forehead with recoil, but my bullet met a different body. One of the forms fell over and screamed. The other one fell backward as I heard a dull thud, the garbled form of a bang from Cea's gun.
My vision started to clear when Cea jerked me up and pulled me through the door into the narrow stairwell. "I got the key from one of those. Nice shot. You should try shooting with your eyes shut more often."
Had I just killed someone? I had to know. "Did I...did I...just..."
Cea was pulling me down the stairs. I felt like I was going to cry and puke at the same time. She went on, "You only have two shots left. Never fire your last one. If they know you're out they won't be afraid."
"just kill...did I kill?"
"No. It was a gut shot."
I had recovered my senses now. "So I didn't kill, just maim someone."
"If that's helpful to you look at it that way. If it's not just pretend I did it."
A bang came from down the stairs. A door had opened below us.
"Let me cock your gun, Phil." I handed it to her without thinking. A bang came from above us. A door there, too."
Cea's head jerked that way as footsteps came from both directions.
"Never mind that!" She said as she yanked me through a door out of the stairwell. We stood in the doorway.
"Check the corner, Phil."
I did what Cea had done. Pressing myself against the wall and peeking for half a moment. I jerked back and a bullet tore off hair and bounced off the door. Then one from the opposite end, Cea's corner, lodged struck the wall just above my head and ricocheted right past my face. I started praying again.

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  1. I'm going to strangle Cea for that "You should try shooting with your eyes shut more often." And don't tell me I can't 'cause she's my character!

    Ahem. Ignore me. I'm just an engaged reader over here... ;)