Friday, July 13, 2012

Crook Q Part 31

"But to live is Christ. Doesn't that mean to try to save the world, as best as we little-Christs can?"
Smyrna sighed. "What does this have to do with the computer?"
"My plan for escaping from between the rock and the hard place we seem to be in."
"Your what?"
Ephesus punched a few keys and whirled the mouse around rapidly. On the screen appeared a floor plan of the research center they were in. He began explaining rapidly, "There are three ways to the lower floors. An emergency stairwell, and two elevators. The stairwell is locked and won't unlock unless the building detects an emergency or someone with authority opens the doors personally. The elevators can be shut down from the main control room on the second floor. Every common space is completely covered by security cameras, laser trip wires, the works. Directly opposite the elevators is the guard barracks on even numbered floors, and ever floor is loaded with experimental weapons or other vestiges of scientific pursuit."
Smyrna interjected, "You are plotting our escape so that we can dodge both punishment and surrendering our weapon to the United?"
"It seems to me the Christian pattern has always been to accept the punishment the government will give if we disobey."
"I think you are too selective in your memories. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a spoke in the wheel of the Nazis. When you're caught, you can take the punishment if you feel that's best, but that doesn't prohibit doing good works in secret, which is in fact one of Jesus' commands."
"I question your equivalence between doing good works and disobeying the government."
"We wouldn't obey if they ordered suicide. That's what refusing to give them Red Rain is. As such, I won't obey their telling me to stay, because to do so, is suicide. And, to live is Christ, not to die nobly."
Dr. Smyrna asked, "So what's your plan for getting down?"
"Once we reach the second floor we are low enough to jump a window out outside fire-escape if we need to. That floor plan is too highly guarded for me to get at without risking everything. We will need a diversion and someone's keys. Otherwise we might as well jump out the window and hope for the best."
"Which would, I believe, constitute suicide."
"Dad, I wasn't really considering that."
"Okay, fine. So our alternative to that?"
"That's something for us to decide after we make one other crucial decision."
Dr. Smyrna suspected this question, "What decision is that?"
"Is Nic coming with us?"
Just then from behind them they heard the whisper of his voice, "The scientist welcomes you to the indestructible carrot project." It was followed by the tap of Nic's feet.
"Alright, what are you two Unaccepted up to on the computer after I retire?"


  1. That managed to be theological, tense, and funny all at once.

    And bringing in historical figures is cool, too.

  2. Bonhoeffer was the first guy on my mind, loved studying that guy, even though part of it was over my head. I am going through a theological phase, but soon we will get to an action phase... hehehehe.