Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crook Q Part 41

Smyrna shrugged. "Plan C." That plan meant jumping.
Nic vetoed it. "We had that plan in case we got a few more floors down. Dropping eighty-four feet is not conducive to escape."
Ephesus whispered, "New plan."
"And what's that one?" Nic asked.
"Drop to the elevator you two. Find the emergency exit and kick it in. We're going down the fast way."
All three of them jumped onto the roof of the elevator, catching themselves against the steel cord that held it up. Dr. Smyrna found the spot that was meant for escaping out of the elevator, then kicked it in. Nic leaped straight in and gave the elevator the command to the return to the first floor. But nothing happened. "Blast! They turn off the controls during emergencies." He looked up and snapped off the camera that hung in a corner of the elevator by whopping it with his gun.
"No matter." Ephesus calm and small voice barely fell into the elevator. "Dad, get inside."
"No son. Let me do it. They can't do anything to me worse than they've done before."
"You're right."
Ephesus took one step toward the hatch into the elevator, then grabbed his dad and tripped him headfirst into the hole. Nic caught him on his way down and restrained him.
Now Ephesus was yelling, "The magnetic repulsion brakes will catch you softly at the bottom. Just hold onto the walls and keep your head tucked in."
Then he jumped over to the roof of the elevator, drawing one of his explosive tubes out of his coat.
Just then one of the peace-keepers showed his head in the elevator doors. With a lucky shot Ephesus caught his bomb just below the guard's feet, the blast taking care of him.
Taking out two more Ephesus through for where the cords attached to the elevator. The first blast did little but break the sealing and foundations, but with the second he severed the cord that held the elevator.
Unlike old models of the elevator, this one did not rely so much on multiple cords or on pulleys to keep the elevator from free-falling. Instead, a magnetic repulsion brake would activate at the bottom, guaranteeing a nearly soft landing for the elevator. It was more expensive, but considered more reliable.
The elevator plunged all seven floors down, with Smyrna's anguished and angry voice trailing out of it. Ephesus stood at the top of the other elevator. It was time to come up with yet another new plan. He couldn't just blow up the cord on his own elevator. He would be too near the explosion.
By now the stairs might be clear enough for him to make it down alone, or they might be crawling with guards. With all the explosions and hacking and deceit, Ephesus figured that by about now the police and guards would have figured out what had happened.
Then suddenly Ephesus' elevator began to drop. Ephesus thought, "Well, either Nic's luck if working for me, or else the ruling power in which I actually believe is. I am inclined to the second."

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  1. I knew there was a reason we loved Ephesus. *is very delighted with this bit*

    1. Ephesus needed a moment with his more pro-active side. He's been reactive for so many scenes, it was time for him to DO something.

  2. Yus! Ephesus!

    I was scared you might have him be captured there... * suspicious glance *

    1. Nope, not captured. Not yet at least.... muahahaha