Monday, July 2, 2012

Kids Skit 1

Have no fear: this new series will not distract from my Red Rain efforts. I wrote most of this already and I have to write the rest for my church duties anyway.
I am writing these skits to be performed by myself and my best friend. I will post only parts, though, because with spacing and formatting they could end up huge otherwise.
And I will use See More buttons for the same reason.

Set: plastic bag loaded with money and a big $ written on it in Sharpie, sitting on table

(DJ enters sneakily, takes bag off table, begins walking away when JD enters from opposite side)

Dan: DJ… what are you doing in here?
David (as JD enters, turns away from him and drops moneybag down shirt, holding it there with crossed arms): oh hey JD… I was just uhh…. Making sure the floor was still working. That’s all.
Dan (gives weird look): O….k…. have you seen the money bag around here anywhere?
David (looks around, arms awkwardly crossed): uhm… don’t see it anywhere
Dan: You mean the moneybag is missing?
David: Well you’re missing it, aren’t you? That’d kind of make it missing
Dan: Did you take the bag, DJ?
David: Why would you ever think a thing like that? (throws arms out wide in surprise, causing bag to fall to floor).
*awkward silence*
David: I think I found the moneybag.
Dan: Wait, you mean you had it the whole time?
David: Well, I wouldn’t say I had it… I just… had it under my shirt
Dan: Sounds an awful lot like you were trying to steal it
David: Steal it! Well that’s ridiculous. I was just… borrowing.

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  1. The punchlines on this are fantastic. I wish I could watch the whole thing!