Monday, July 2, 2012

Philli Part 4

"What are they doing?"
"I don't know, Phil."
"Is it something... illegal?"
Father didn't answer. He just pressed his finger over my mouth.
Chapter 2

Ever since graduation day Cea and I had been planning our slumber party, and had invited Cami to join us. The United had given Cea a house all to herself, so she had spare space. We had never done real slumber parties before; they never seemed very appropriate to our situation in the camp. But since coming back from Mars and bringing Ephesus back I had been a much happier person, and Cea had brought with her her own love for adventures and silly fun.
It was summer time now, and since the United hadn't found a job for an Unaccepted girl of seventeen we had plenty of time. We got together at Cea's house that evening and had our little party.
We played lots of silly games, and then Cea brought out the surprise she said she had. It was a purplish shiny disc. She explained, "It's a movie."
Our hopes were crushed. The United had taken over movie making decades ago, and not a good one had been made since.
"No, you don't understand. It's from before the United started producing all the movies."
Now that was something else. And something illegal.
Cami asked first, "What movie is it?"
Cea just smiled, "A very old one, from 2003."
Centuries ago.  Where does she get this sort of stuff? First she came back from Mars with a Bible on my reader, then she'd revealed she had an old music-playing device loaded with thousands of sermons and Christian songs. The new commander had snuffed that one out fast though.
He had been wandering the camp on his rounds and had started a conversation with old Mr. Dass. Simply trying to make trouble, the commander asked him to prove that God existed. Mr Dass, who had got copies of some of Cea's sermons, said that trying to do so was like defending a lion; all you have to do is open the cage. The commander was something of a history buff and an academic, and recognized the quote. On a hunch he had searched Cea's house, as the most recent arrival, and plundered the device with glee.
Now Cea brought out an another impossible thing. She went on, "It's called Finding Nemo."
Cami liked her Old English Literature classes asked, "What does it have to do with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?"
Cea laughed, "Silly, nothing. It's just a story about a couple of fish."
The concept was too funny to me. I started laughing and couldn't stop.


  1. Really? Finding Nemo? This should be interesting!

    1. It was a little stroke of humor my brother and I came up with. We thought it would be just the kind of movie Philli could like... and it is Disney Pixar, so Aubrey should be able to accept it :D

  2. You worked Pixar into this?

    You are THE best.

    1. I figured you'd appreciate that. I was having some trouble making this post happen, so I just came up with something funny and kept it.