Thursday, July 12, 2012

Caesar the Troll Discussion Post

As you can all see, Caesar the Troll has ended. I have created this post so that you can ask any questions you have about that story, whether the process of writing it, its contents, its forms, its future, anything. I would love to get your feedback and love to give you some of mine for this, the most precious of my stories.
Most particularly I would like to hear what you think of its ending, and what you think of the themes and archetypes and allegorical value to it... before I give you my own take on the story.
Thanks for your involvement! It's been a pleasure publishing this first draft of Caesar the Troll for your enjoyment, and as you note I have now changed the URL of my blog officially!


  1. Hey David, I enjoyed every post of this story. I really felt for Caesar at times. Sad that he had to die, but he seemed to think it was for a good cause..
    Do you ever plan to add anything else to this story?
    And just to let you know, you need to update the links to all the posts in your introduction section now that you changed the url ;)

    1. Thanks for reading it, Keith!
      I am sad that he had to die, but it was my plan from day one.
      I have considered finishing the allegory with a kind of resurrection or second coming, but both of those will be hard to pull off with how thoroughly Caesar was killed.
      Thanks! Just did that! Wouldn't have remembered without you.

  2. I loved the story, a lot, and I'm actually glad I didn't know about it earlier, or else I would have had to wait for each new post, dying slowly from the effects of the cliffhangers.
    I also loved the style, with little dialogue but lots of detail. And I loved the descriptions of the "monsters" and all the other things from Caesar's POV, but I'm not sure I understood what all of them were supposed to be.
    Like the glowing fruits he found on the pine trees, the dragon, the captain, the string of glowing fruits..?

    1. Glowing fruits: Christmas-tree lights. He finds them only on trees near cities bombed in the winter because the people who owned the trees died in the bombings. Their Christmas-tree lights stayed up. When they are bright, the small electric current tastes sour.
      The dragon: another name for the huge mega-tank he confronts at the end.
      The captain: He's just a guy, just more terrible looking and the obvious leader of the renegades.

  3. Oh. Christmas lights. Duh. xP
    I would have replied here sooner, but I was waiting for an email notification... I suppose Blogspot thinks I'm a traitor for using Wordpress and therefore declines to email me.