Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caesar the Troll Part 23

His song shook the walls around him, but the enemies would not flee this time.
The mighty beast crawled still along the road, speaking nothing

Caesar continued his march of destruction, smashing everything that bore renegade insignia or threatened him with a gun. On his right appeared a band of men with their guns, and together their beam of heat forced Caesar back into cover, hiding behind a wall. They approached triumphantly, until they heard a long drawn out note echoing off the walls, accompanied by a bass groan. Too late they looked up and saw the building falling over at them, and under it's weight they were all crushed
Out of the pile of rubble that was made a grey arm was thrust, followed by another, and then the full body of the king, who had not dropped even one note of his song.
Rockets began to drop in all around the conqueror, blasting the rubble pile away even as he got out. Looking up he discovered its source. The great beast still crawled down the middle of the road, beginning to launch its rockets as it came in range. Caesar ignored it and went back to his bridge. People were still fleeing over it, but now they were pursued by crowbar wielding renegades. They had not even time enough to turn around before they were smacked down into the river.
The last of the people got over the bridge, and the king looked over to that shore. There was the girl's daddy, pushing down on a plunger shaped like the letter T. The king watched as sparks jumped off a wire a the base of his bridge. The wires were shorted before they could reach the red burning sticks. Again and again the man pushed his switch, but to no avail. The cornerstone would not be broken.
A ball of fire landed a few feet away from Caesar. The great beast had spoken.
The king's song had ended, but he began it again. Blood poured from his brow with all the beatings, but through his bloodstained vision he perceived that dragon crawling at him, eyes ablaze and mouths ready to breathe.
Slowly it seemed it was that the king marched toward the beast. His knees quivered with the walk. He carried on his back bar of metal fallen from the buildings. All the rubble had been cleared by the repeating explosions of the dragon.
Down the street crawled Caesar, the king of the rocks, and all around him rockets exploded, shaking his footing but not his resolve. His song rolled over the street against the dragon, daring it to fire more. Now it belched out fire and flame, but the king could not be undone. Toward the gaping mouth of the beast the king pressed on, with the bar upon his back.
Bloody and burning Caesar arrived at the face of the beast. They both stood still for a moment. Caesar brought his bar back behind his head. All the lights of the beast flashed on, but instantly Caesar smashed through its face with the bar. It screamed with pain, lurching forward and blowing all its light and fire at the king, who was knocked down on his back.
The king leaped up again, and with one throw launched the bar of steel through the whole machine, sticking it out the back.
The lights died, and the breath ceased.
But the king's last enemy was not yet dead.


  1. *smacks Blogger for not publishing her comment* I meant to say that I enjoyed this immensely... but Blogger ate that comment for some reason...

    1. I got it in my Gmail inbox, and was confused myself because it wouldn't show. Nonetheless I am glad you enjoyed it. Not much more to go now.

  2. I see the King defeating the beast , and protecting the ungrateful humans

    1. Yep. That vision grew on me as it went on. That general idea should persist throughout the revision process.