Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Philli Part 20

Wow, back to Philli's voice. This one will be fun... speaking in FpF, First-person Female.
This is admittedly, a short post, but it is a transition to writing these two intriguing characters again, and I found a great cliff-hanger. Tomorrow I will bring out all that good stuff. Lord willing. :) 

"You might need a gun. You might need a knife. You might just need to run. But you need to do all you can. Okay?"
I nodded. "But Cea... it doesn't make sense."
"Life doesn't make sense. Blame sin for that. The gospel doesn't make sense. Thank God for that. Your situation doesn't make sense, now follow God's lead and run for the open door."
I lifted my head. I could do it now.
Cea tapped in the last few numbers, and the tone beeped out of the phone as the call went through.
Cea and I waited a few seconds, then the dial tone stopped. Cea looked at her phone. "I still have service here. He must not have been able to pick up."
"Who was it?" I asked.
Cea looked at me sideways. "I can't tell you that. That's how the underground works, not just you."
Just then a call came in. "Oh, it's him!" she cried. I still wondered who he was.
Then I heard the voice. Ephesus.
Cea saw my face beaming with excitement. She smiled, acknowledging that I was right. I wondered what my brother was doing with an illegal cell phone himself, and what he had done with it in the past, but figured that was protected under underground secrecy.
Cea spoke quickly into the phone, "Yes, but this is quick. We're getting out of here in a few minutes. Going to the pizza place. We'll be gone soon, one way or another. Your sister loves you and your dad, and I love Nic."
The pizza place. So silly.
Cea had already put down the phone before I blinked. "Now, Philli, we need to get ready for that monitor guy. He'll be in in a..."
The door flew open.

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  1. Yay for more Philli! I know this is the harder voice for you to write, but it makes it all the more fun to read. :D