Friday, September 14, 2012

Crook Q Part 35

A new factory down at the lowest depths of Rott. A weapons factory, under direction of Commander Ambrose. "So, he got a position of leadership again. He must be tickled pink."
A plant manufacturing a weapon to end all resistance.
But how could this be?
A new chemical weapon, branded "Red Rain," was in production:
In the last year, United peace-keeping forces made a daring raid into space, sacking a nest of terrorism disguised by the front of a research facility. There they had developed the rudiments of a technology designed to wipe out all life on earth. Weapons technology belongs only in the hands of the benevolent government of this United planet.
United scientists have perfected the state of this chemical weapon, capable of burning through any pH reactive substance, requiring only the presence of water. Propelled by radioactive particles, the weapon will also destroy any life hiding behind non-reactive defenses. Silver has proven non-reactive enough to act as a shield so long as water is not available to start the reaction. Thus, the fluid is pumped in sealed silver-lined pipes with a lead lining in case of trace amounts of water were to infect the system.
Because of the dangerous nature of this new weapon, which will be useful in pacifying rebellious regions, stubborn populations, and the few hold outs of totalitarianism in the far reaches of the earth, and will prevent any stellar warfare, again, because of the danger of this new weapon, first tests and manufacturing are beginning in secured scientific labs at the bottom of a secure vault.
So is that why Christians hated lying and deceit? But how had they got it?
Then it slapped Nic in the face. The same way he read this report. When he had copied the files to his chip, the ghost file stayed on the cloud. And, even though Nic was a smart one, he had not deleted it.
They had his weapon. It was no good if two sides had it. Here he had passed through caverns of prison, through space, out of a prison-science-hospital, and they had it.
Well, they had to get it back. He would get it back. Somehow.
"Now close the computer, then put your hands on the top of your head, but don't even think about turning around."
Nic stiffened. The last time someone had a gun, he had rigged the door. This, time, no luck.
"You know the computer was only asleep? I was working on it until about forty-five seconds before you came up. Now, you've shown your skill on the computers. And it's not half bad. Just tell me what you were up to."
"And... if I won't?"
"Well, fortunately, we are a floor down. The shot won't carry far."
"You couldn't shoot me. You'd never make it to heaven that way."
"Oh I never said it would be lethal. I think I can safely leave you bleeding somewhere for the United to find. You might even be able to throw them off our trail."
"And why would I help someone like you?"
"Well, if maybe, we had Cea with us. Wouldn't want to send people our way then, would you?"
"Oh you are a devil."
"Innocent as pigeons," Augustine hissed in Nic's ear, "Sly as serpents." Then Stanyard made a quick move and drew Nic's gun out of this pocket.
"Now. What were you up to, again?"