Monday, June 6, 2016

Red Rain 2 - Not Really. It's Red Rain 1 Again!

One Hundred Sixty-Four Words from the Co-Author

Those of you who read this blog are very likely to already be fans of Aubrey Hansen. And if you're not, then I will leave you to discover the ample online material surrounding the authoress herself, including the earlier posts from this distinguished blog tour, linked to at bottom.
You probably know that some time ago I enjoyed basking in her fandom by writing a fan fiction sequel to her Red Rain. Much more recently in development, I pulled it off again but this time got my work in the freshly published prequel Project 74: An Unaccepted Short Story. This is long-time fans first chance to get a peek at what the published hybrid of Aubrey Hansen and David Hartung (that's me!) plan to produce this fall in the upcoming sequel. Aubrey did a lot of work to refine my draft, and you can be sure she and I will be working together to make sure that inserting my content into her world doesn't become a jarring experience.
Aside: Thanks to all of you who have provided reviews of that experience on Amazon. I take to heart your criticism and your praise. I want nothing more than to make all the old Aubrey fans out there happy with the upcoming content.
Without further ado, my contribution to the blog tour: a little excerpt from Red Rain!

Cea was silent. I glanced over at her. She was bent over the crate, holding the digital picture frame in her hands. The picture of Ephesus was still on the screen.
Cea frowned and squinted. 
“That’s my older brother,” I explained. 
She jerked her head up. Her face was colorless. 
“He’s your brother?”  
“Was.” I  looked  down  at  the  gray  sweater  in  my  hands.  “He  was  sent  to  Mars  on  scientific  business  as well... But his transit home exploded.”
“I know,”  Cea said quietly. 
I looked up again. 
“You know?”  
She nodded and stood up. She held the frame close to the wall, and the magnets snapped into place. 
“ I’ve met him.”  
She gave the corner a tweak, adjusting the position. She regarded the image for a moment, then glanced back at me. 
“This was the base he worked at.” 

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