Friday, March 27, 2015

Beyond the Rim Installment 1

"Oorgo, the fire needs fuel."
Oorgo shoveled in another load of the black rock that burned. It had not been a command that Oorgo received, but knowledge. Thurgod always spoke that way.
"Oorgo, you are thirsty."
"Yes, master, I am."
Thurgod turned his blind head towards Oorgo. "I am also thirsty. The fuel is enough for a while."
"You are not thirsty, master."
"I would like to drink water, Oorgo, as would you."
"I will go out and bring in another pail."
Thurgod stood before twisting his head back towards the bellows and forge. He heaved on the lever and blasted fresh air into the flames. Divine sweat streamed down his immense chest, the red flesh, as though perpetually burned, heaved as Thurgod strained.
Oorgo returned shortly thereafter with a pail of water.
"You thirsty, Oorgo. I merely wish for water."
Oorgo nodded towards his master, then plunged his face into the pale, drinking deeply. He withdrew his head for a breath.
"Drinking too much too quickly will make you unable to work, Oorgo."
Oorgo handed the pail into Thurgod's left hand, as the deity continued to heave on the bellows with the other. Grasping the bucket around its base in his hand, Thurgod splashed the water into his face, swallowing most of it.
"I am done with the water, Oorgo. Your stomach is ready now."
Oorgo smiled, and drank the rest of the water.
"Oorgo, the fire needs fuel."

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